Tollbooth 1984/85 Variation

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    Tollbooth 1984/85 Variation

    Hi all. Seeking a bit of info re: a Tollbooth variation. I have the figure with a 1984 stamp (listed as 1985 on this website). Figure has a white shirt vs bare chest and his skin, vest and hat are darker tones. Can’t find anything about a variation, but this seems to be one! Any help would be appreciated!

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    If you can provide a picture it would be helpful. Having said that based just on your description most likely the paint tone differences are just a product of exposure to heat over the years. His shirt could have bleached out if exposed to chemicals. An example would be chlorine from a pool. A lot of kids played with their toys in or around pools. The sun could have also faded it . As for the 1984 date stamp this is the correct date stamp on his inner leg. In my opinion you don't have a variation just a well played with Tollbooth figure.

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    I tend to agree with AVAC.
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