G.I. JOE in The Sims 4 (3D Model Gallery)


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    G.I. JOE in The Sims 4 (3D Model Gallery)

    Hello guys, some of you may have seen me in the HissTank forums, but I'm trying to spread myself out and meet new folks everywhere. I'm a newer Joe fan. I never had the toys as a kid, never really watched the show or read the comics. It wasn't until the last few years that I really got into it. I started with the Marvel run of comics and then the RAH cartoon show. I've been able to make models and stuff of Superheroes in The SIMS 4 for a while now and the last year, I've started to make G.I. JOE characters. They're really tough to model, but I hope I do okay! Comments and feedback are welcome! Here's a few pics of the characters I've been able to make so far.
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    A few more since I've created Outback & Snow Job


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