Need Help Identifying a Firefly

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    Need Help Identifying a Firefly

    I'm helping out my cash strapped brother right now, by selling a bunch of this stuff he bought on eBay back during the 25th anniversary. I've had almost no trouble finding and identifying everything via the YoJoe database, until now. I have come across a version of Firefly that I cannot find. He has the body style of the 2003 v9, but the coloration is wrong! I'd embed the photo, but I'm not sure how. Here's a link to a shared Google Photo album - I hope that's not a violation of any forum rules.

    Any help would be appreciated - I need an idea of how much this guy's starting bid should be. The only other 2003 Firefly v9's I see on eBay right now are the correct coloration shown here on YoJoe.

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    Well, that explains it. No wonder I couldn't find this particular "Firefly" in the version list. I thought it looked like Tiger Force coloring, but I knew that was GI Joe, not Cobra. Anyway, thanks!


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