I tried to send this to the [email protected] mail address, but got an undeliverable error in return, so I made an account to share this info since I haven't found it anywhere on the site. Maybe this is already known here on the forum, but I'll post it anyway. On the 1991 figures page, there are European variants listed for these 3 figures: Desert Scorpion, Dusty & Sandstorm and Low Light (v3) which came with missile launchers from other figures. A whole bunch of 1990 figures however were also repacked along the 1991's with recolored missile launchers:
  • Ambush (with recolored Snow Serpent v2 missile launcher)
  • Bullhorn (with recolord Snow Serpent v2 missile launcher)
  • Captain Grid-Iron (with Sci-Fi v2 missile launcher)
  • Laser Viper (with Sci-Fi v2 missile launcher)
  • Pathfinder (with Sci-Fi v2 missile launcher)
  • Metalhead (with Cobra Commander v4 Glider)
  • Nightcreeper (with Mercer v2 missile launcher)
  • Undertow (with recolored Snake Eyes v4 hook launcher)
  • Rock Viper (with recolored Snake Eyes v4 hook launcher)
  • Range Viper (with recolored Red Star missile launcher)
  • SAW Viper (with Incinerator catapult)
  • General Hawk (with Crimson Guard Immortal guns)

I myself only have the Grid-Iron variant which had updated card art: A picture of the figure: I do have scans from a promotional poster which was included with a vehicle that showcases the other figures: I don't know the wide availability of these figures, I'm from Belgium myself. But I guess they were also available in other European countries.