Tomahawk Rotor Head Post Repair

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    Tomahawk Rotor Head Post Repair

    Hello. I am the original owner of a 1986 Tomahawk and recently pulled it out of a box in my parents basement. Upon pulling it out I remembered that the post where the back rotor head/housing connects to has fallen down into the helicopter body. This post is not broken but somehow got pushed down out of its original position. From what I can tell the helicopter body plastic on the back part of the Tomahawk where this post is does not come apart. I have been unsuccessful trying to use pliers and pull this post back up into position. I fear I could break the post trying to pull it back up into place. I wanted to see if anyone had some suggestions on helping me get this post back up into its normal position. I am not sure if you can attach pictures to a post but I can provide pictures. Many Thanks.

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    What kind of Pliers did you use. I know they make Long Nose/Needle Nose Pliers that are bent at an angle. If you can get your hands on such a pair who knows they might help assuming the post is within reach. As far as pictuees go You might need a certain number of posts on the forums before they will let you post pics.

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    I can reach the post with neddle nose pliers and pull up on the post. The problem is the bottom of the post is a circle and has to pop back UP in its position so it would take a lot of pressure to get it back in place. I have tried to use bent angle pliers to get underneath the post and push up but still worried about too much force breaking the post. The circle bottom of the post definitely needs to pop back up into position unless there was a way to get that area to spread apart. From what I can tell that area of the tomahawk does not come apart...

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