Help With Identification Needed

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    Help With Identification Needed

    Just purchased a Cobra Flight Pod on eBay and the seller sent along a piece of cardboard I've never seen and cant find anything online about. Its printing quality and aged-discoloration makes me think its actual merch but have no idea where in the collection it fits (had a Flight Pod in the 80s and dont remember this so dont thing it goes with it - although the Trouble Bubble could have used a landing pad to keep from bending the gun).I cant figure out how to post photos to the forum so: if folded it would be a little smaller than a matchbox, overall color is blue, sides are red with what looks like a handle or conduit, theres a yellow screen with a red Cobra symbol. If it was folded it seems like it would be angled (like a wall-mounted control panel)... Were there cardboard panels in the TerrorDrome? Is that what this is?

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    I had RavenClaw send me the photo and I then posted it to a Facebook Group and it was identified as a cut out from an Action Stars cereal box.

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    Thank you so much! I would have NEVER figured that one out. Don't think I've ever even heard of that cereal before but glad to know what it is now and don't have to keep looking through playset photos trying to figure out why I can't find anything that looks even remotely like it.

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