Identify 3.5 " figure

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    Identify 3.5 " figure

    I am having trouble finding the figure in the database. We did find what a close match but this figure has camo pants and the closest match has blue pants just wondering if anyone can tell us his name. Closest match was Ripper and date on leg is 1985. Thanks!

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    A picture would be a huge help. From your description, it sounds like a Frankensteined figure- might be Ripper's torso and head but someone else's waist and legs. If you're unable to post pictures due to your low post count, you should be able to message it to me here, and I can post it for you.
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    It could be the Joe Convention version from 2004. That one has camo pants and since it used the original Ripper mold the legs would have a date stamp of 1985.
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