GI Joe Parachute Troopers?

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    GI Joe Parachute Troopers?

    Hello.I came across these joes from a collection i just bought and cannot identify them.If anyone has any information on them i would be very grateful.There are two figures that have an orange inflatable vest with GI Joe air vest USAF printed on the vest.They are identified by year on the tramp stamp with manufacturing city.They are marked 1989.China.Of course the feature that stands out is harness ring on the back.Looks like some type of parachute maybe?I also have three figures in drab greeen and on in camouflage all with the ring or harness point above the screw hole.Any help would be appreciated.Thank you for your help.Not sure how to put pictures on here or i would.

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    Don't You Go Injecting Reality Into My Fantasy

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    That is great.Thank you so Much!

    Thank you very much.I don’t think I would ever have gotten that one right!

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