MIB Unassembled Canadian Tiger Paw


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    MIB Unassembled Canadian Tiger Paw

    I picked this up at a local Antique Mall.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Is it for selling or buying reference? If for selling, I know someone who would be interested in buying because they collect Ferret design variants.
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    It's a buying reference, I recently saw one for sale and don't know if it's worth picking up.

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    So I went back today and grabbed this for $50 Canadian which I think is fair (for some reason I though they wanted $85). It would be MISB but the tape has lifted on one side. I don't normally collect MIB but this will fit nicely with my Canadian Tiger Cat and Euro Tiger Sting boxes. Pictures soon!

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    Wow, thats great! Please let me know if you ever want to sell it, I'm very interested in that Canadian Tiger Paw!

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    Re: MIB Unassembled Canadian Tiger Paw

    Congrats on the nice find for $50. Not sure why but the tiger force vehicles are still very appealing. There are also some crazy good custom vehicles online for tiger force


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