Did the XB-70 influence the design of any Joeverse aircraft?


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    Did the XB-70 influence the design of any Joeverse aircraft?

    Never heard of this plane until today. Just wondering, but as Iím over halfway done banging this post out Iím waxing doubtful. Regardless, pretty cool plane with its sharp angular geometries. The first thing I thought of was Battleforce and then Ghost Riderís aircraft but meh.


    P.S. does anyone have a link to that mega-thread where some hardware enthusiast went through and found the named real-world equivalents for tons of Joe and Cobra vehicles/weapons systems, etc.? It should be stickied.

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    The XB-70 seems familiar, but other than the Concorde looks, I don't recognize it. For the late '60s, it's very advanced; it just looks so archaic now. But even the F-117 stealth fighter looks old anymore.

    That thread of '80s Joe Vehicles in the Real World that Rooster3D started is still here:
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    I always figured its more squared-off aesthetics may have been combined with the Blackbird for the Night Raven. But I don't think anyone knows for sure.

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