Help selling childhood collection from '84-'87?

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    Help selling childhood collection from '84-'87?

    Here is a link to two spreadsheets showing all vehicles and figures. The folder also contains images of each item. Here is the unedited post: I really liked GI Joe as a kid. I was also a little obsessive about keeping track of things, so I have a nice collection of '85-'87 figures and vehicles. They were played with, but are largely complete. Maybe 17 guys and 12 vehicles? A good number have card-backs or blueprints. These have been sitting in my parents basement for 25+ years. I don't have the desire or space to keep them anymore. I know the best way to make money is to take the time to Ebay everything and probably piece out most of the vehicles, but what is the best way to get quotes on the collection as a whole? I have a pretty detailed spreadsheet and complete individual pictures of the collection that I'm happy to share. I've contacted a couple of local stores, but hard to know what is fair or not. I'm looking for recommendations of resellers or collectors who might be interested. Huge thanks!
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