Articulated Points Episode 8: Stars and Stripes Forever, The Star Wars, & Rudolph

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    Articulated Points Episode 8: Stars and Stripes Forever, The Star Wars, & Rudolph

    In this holiday episode, Phillip and Patrick discuss the ever-confusing Stars and Stripes Forever G.I. Joe set from 1997, the toys from the Star Wars that never was, and the surprisingly high quality toys based on the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer television specials!

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    There are at least 4 distinct variation of Rock 'n Roll from the Stars and Stripes Forever set. Which one do you have?

    Want to know more? Watch our episode!

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    It’s fun to see things like a McQuarrie-inspired helmet on Darth Vader here. More concept Star Wars toys discussed in our latest episode!

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    Would you look at the size of that thing?

    If you want to see more of these Playing Mantis Rudolph toys, watch our newest episode!

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    We're still finding variations in the Stars and Stripes Forever box set from 1997 - including while we were recording this episode!

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    The Battle of Hoth could have looked *very* different!

    Check out more concept Star Wars toys in our new episode!

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    That's one giant snowman! How did these Rudolph toys ever get made? See more of these in our latest video!

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    Another great video!

    I remember seeing the Stars and Stripes Forever set advertised in the paper. I thought about getting it, but didn't. I had stopped collecting Joes in 1993. I think the only reason why I don't regret it is what I've read about the quality of the material used in making the figures.

    The Star Wars concept art is great. I'm sure I've seen bits of it before, but I didn't really look into it until maybe sometime last year. I never really put two and two together in regards to there being toys based on it until I watched your video. The books on the subject look particularly interesting.

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    Thanks for the kind words!

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