2020 Hasbro 6” G.I. Joe figures


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    2020 Hasbro 6” G.I. Joe figures

    Looking for any official or unofficial pics...

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    These images of Snake Eyes are the first ones that I am aware of:


    The figure looks really good. I just hope that they have good quality control in regards to paint applications and materials used to make them. I hope they can hold their weapons well. I can't wait to see the rest of them.

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    The images are starting to come down the pipe now. I am shameless in nitpicking this fabulous news, but I didn't like Duke's articulation on his mid-torso, it's too obvious looking but might make for good ... sit-up poses on the P.T. deck.

    Zartan could use a better hood. He's my favorite baddie and I could probably DIY one out of real cloth or some scrap linen I have around for just this sort of thing.
    Snakes - don't think I can pass up but I am really hoping for a siegie or Breaker, Footloose,
    Roadblock - goatee and uniform, not sure. Guess the vest is better than his camo tank top, haha.

    With the complaining out of the way, I'm still excited to see what happens.

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    I really like the figures that were revealed so far. I love it how Joe went from barely any product to being the best thing revealed at Toy Fair. IMO, anyway. If Hasbro knocks it out of the park with the Cobras like they did with the Joes, the line is going to be amazing.

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    Hey everyone, 👋

    So we have Duke, Roadblock, Scarlett, SE, Destro, CC and a few randoms: https://hasbropulse.com/collections/gi-joe

    I’m waiting for old school classics like Doc, Grunt,and Breaker. Please post any news or rumors when you hear anything.

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    General’s Joes Full Force podcast reporting on Lady Jaye and Zartan potential adds to the new 6” Classified series. Are we calling these Joes “2020 Classified,” or...?

    Zartan will prob be my 1st if he indeed is brought to the line.

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    I've been watching this line, but I haven't bought any of them yet. I'm hoping that an online shop carries them for retail price or around the same since I can't make it to any stores that carry them. The other thing is, I don't do pre-orders. I wish Hasbro Toy Shop would carry them. I found them to be good to deal with in the past.

    As for what's been released so far, I think the Baroness and Beachhead look the best. Unfortunately, they're Target exclusives, which is too far from me and I've, also, read that they're pretty hard to come by. I have feeling that they'll be repackaged and released elsewhere.

    As for the upcoming figures, I think Firefly looks really good. I like the expression of his eyes.

    I really like that they're going to make Lady Jaye and Flint. I can't wait to at least see some images of them.

    This line has great potential. If only production could be ramped up and distribution sorted out.

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