GI Joe Ranks (Updated)

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    GI Joe Ranks (Updated)

    It has been a while since a few of us, in a joint effort, put together this list of Joe's ranks. It was complete at the time, but there have been a few new recruits since then, so here is an update:

    Hawk (O-8) Commanding Officer (CO)-Army-Major General (2-Star)
    Keel-Haul (O-9)-Navy-Vice Admiral
    Gen. Flagg II (O-7)-Army-Brigadier General (1-Star)
    Col. Courage (O-6)-Army-Colonel
    Payload (O-6)-Air Force-Colonel
    Skystiker (O-5)-Air Force-Lieutenant Colonel
    Sure Fire (O-5)-Army-Lieutenant Colonel
    Ace (O-4)-Air Force-Major
    Bullet-Proof (O-4)-Army-Major
    Ghostrider (O-4)-Air Force-Major
    Major Storm (O-4)-Army-Major
    Capt. Grid-Iron (O-3)-Army-Captain
    Claymore (O-3)-Army-Captain
    Countdown (O-3)-Air Force-Captain
    Doc (O-3)-Army-Captain
    Gears (O-3)-Air Force-Captain
    Maverick (O-3)-Air Force-Captain
    Psyche-Out (O-3)-Army-Captain
    Rapid-Fire (O-3)-Army-Captain
    Windmill (O-3)-Army-Captain
    Updraft (O-3)-Army-Captain
    Cutter (O-2)-Coast Guard-Lieutenant Junior Grade
    Dogfight (O-2)-Air Force-First Lieutenant
    Lt. Falcon (O-2)-Army-First Lieutenant
    Slip-Stream (O-2)-Air Force-First Lieutenant
    Sub-Zero (O-2)-Army-First Lieutenant
    Supertrooper (O-2)-Army-First Lieutenant
    Steeler (O-1)-Army-Second Lieutenant
    Thunderwing (O-1)-Army-Second Lieutenant
    Torpedo (W-4)-Navy-Chief Warrant Officer
    Wetdown (W-4)-Navy-Chief Warrant Offcer *2
    Wild Bill (W-4)-Army-Chief Warrant Officer
    Flint (W-2)-Army-Chief Warrant Officer
    Lift Ticket (W-2)-Army-Chief Warrant Officer
    Major Altitude (W-2)-Army-Chief Warrant Officer *3
    Altitude (E-9)-Army-Sergeant Major of the Army
    Duke (E-9)-Army-Sergeant Major
    Mercer (Cecil, Richard S.) (E-9)-Army-Sergeant Major
    Rock N Roll (E-9)-Army-Sergeant Major
    Airwave (E-8)-Army-Master Sergeant
    Big Brawler (E-8)-Army-First Sergeant
    Blizzard (E-8)-Army-First Sergeant
    Dojo (E-8)-Army-Master Sergeant
    Double Blast (E-8)-Army-Master Sergeant
    Drop Zone (E-8)-Army-Master Sergeant
    Mace (E-8)-Marines-First Sergeant
    Sgt Savage (E-8)-Army-First Sergeant
    Shipwreck (E-8/SCPO)-Navy-Senior Chief Petty Officer
    Skydive (E-8)-Army-Master Sergeant
    Snake-Eyes (E-8)-Army-Master Sergeant
    Stalker (E-8)-Army-Master Sergeant
    Storm Shadow (E-8)-Army-Master Sergeant
    Airbourne (Six, Robert M.)(E-7)-Army-Sergeant First Class
    Armadillo (E-7)-Army-Sergeant First Class
    Beachhead (E-7)-Army-Sergeant First Class
    Cold Front (E-7)-Army-Sergeant First Class
    Crossfire (E-7)-Army-Sergeant First Class
    Deep Six (E-7/CPO)-Navy-Chief Petty Officer
    Dodger (E-7)-Army-Sergeant First Class
    Gung-Ho (E-7)-Marines-Gunnery Sergeant
    Hot Seat (E-7)-Army-Sergeant First Class
    Lady Jaye (E-7)-Army-Sergeant First Class
    Leatherneck (E-7)-Marines-Gunnery Sergeant
    Long Range (E-7)-Army-Sergeant First Class
    Salvo (E-7)-Army-Sergeant First Class
    Sgt. Slaughter (E-7)-Marines-Gunnery Sergeant
    Shockwave (E-7)-Army-Sergeant First Class
    Sidetrack (E-7)-Army-Sergeant First Class
    Snow Job (E-7)-Army-Sergeant First Class
    Static Line (E-7)-Army-Sergeant First Class
    T'Jbang (E-7)-Army-Sergeant First Class
    Tracker (E-7)-Navy-Chief Petty Officer
    Blowtorch (E-6)-Army-Staff Sergeant
    Dart (E-6)-Army-Staff Sergeant
    Dial Tone (E-6)-Army-Staff Sergeant
    Effects (E-6)-Army-Staff Sergeant
    Grunt (E-6)-Army-Staff Sergeant
    Hollow Point (E-6)-Marines-Staff Sergeant
    Iceberg (E-6)-Army-Staff Sergeant
    Mirage (E-6)-Marines-Staff Sergeant
    Mutt (E-6)-Army-Staff Sergeant
    Pathfinder (E-6)-Army-Staff Sergeant
    Rampage (E-6)-Army-Staff Sergeant
    Repeater (E-6)-Army-Staff Sergeant
    Roadblock (E-6)-Army-Staff Sergeant
    Scarlett (E-6)-Army-Staff Sergeant*5
    Side Track (E-6)-Army-Staff Sergeant
    Snow Storm (E-6)-Army-Staff Sergeant
    Spirit (E-6)-Army-Staff Sergeant
    Starduster (E-6)-Army-Staff Sergeant
    Topside (E-6)-Navy-Petty Officer First Class
    Wet Suit (E-6)-Navy-Petty Officer First Class
    White Out (E-6)-Army-Staff Sergeant
    Wind Chill (E-6)-Army-Staff Sergeant
    Zap (E-6)-Army-Staff Sergeant
    Airbourne (Talltree, Franklin F.) (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Alpine (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Avalanche (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Backblast (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Barricade (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Bazooka (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Blaster (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Blocker (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Breaker (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Budo (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Bushido (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Chuckles (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Cross Country (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    D-Day (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Depth Charge (E-5)-Navy-Petty Officer Second Class
    Dusty (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Dynamite (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Freefall (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Fridge (E-5)-Honorary Rank of Sergeant *1
    Grand Slam (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Hacker (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Hardtop (E-5)-Air Force-Staff Sergeant
    Heavy Duty (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Ice Cream Soldier (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Knockdown (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Jinx (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Kamakura (E-5)-Ninja Apprentice-Sergeant Equivelent
    Lifeline (Steen, Edwin C.) (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Lifeline (Scott, Greg) (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Mainframe (E-5)-Marines-Sergeant*6
    Mercer(Stratton,Felix P.)(E-5)-Slaughter's Renegade Honorary Rank Sergeant*1
    Nunchuck (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Outback (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Recoil (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Red Dog (E-5)-Sgt. Slaughter's Renegade-Honorary Rank of Sergeant*1
    Short Fuze (E-5)-Army-Sergeant*7
    Sideswipe (E-5A)-Army-Sergeant*4
    Sneak Peek (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Steam Roller (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Stretcher (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Switch Gears (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Taurus (E-5)-Sgt. Slaughter's Renegade-Honorary Rank of Sergeant*1
    Thunder (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Tunnelrat (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Wide Scope (E-5)-Army-Sergeant
    Tollbooth (SP-5)-Army-Specialist
    Airtight (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Banzai (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Barbeque (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Barrel Roll (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Blast Off (E-4)-Marines-Corporal
    Bombstrike (E-4)-Air Force-Senior Airman
    Charbroil (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Clean Sweep (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Cloudburst (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Clutch (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Cover Girl (E-4)(SP)-Army-Specialist
    Crankcase (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Crazylegs (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Crosshair (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Downtown (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Faces (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Fast Draw (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Flash (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Footloose (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Frostbite (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Hardball (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Hard Drive (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Heavy Metal (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Hit & Run (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Hi-Tech (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Law (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Lightfoot (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Longarm (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Muskrat (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Ozone (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Quick Kick (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Rampart (E-4)-Navy-Petty Officer Third Class
    Recondo (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Red Spot (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Ripcord (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Rollbar (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Rumbler (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Sci-Fi (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Scoop (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Skidmark (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Spaceshot (E-4)Air Force-Senior Airman
    Spearhead (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    T'Gin-Zu (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Talbot, Link (E-4)-Navy-Petty Officer Third Class
    Tiger Claw (E-4)-Ninja Apprentice-Corporal Equivelent
    Tripwire (E-4)(SP)-Army-Specialist
    Wreckage (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Wild Card (E-4)-Army-Corporal
    Dee Jay (SP-4)-Army-Specialist
    Ambush (E-3)-Army-Private First Class
    ROBO-Joe(E-3)-Army-Private First Class

    Joe Colton (O-10)-Army-General of the Army (5-Star)
    General Flagg I (O-7)-Army-Brigadier General (1-Star)
    Chameleon (Deep Undercover)-*6
    Kwinn, Jesse (Tracker)-*6

    Junkyard (K-9)
    Timber (Wolf)
    Freedom (Eagle)
    Polly (Parrot)
    Order (K-9)
    Max (Bobcat)
    Sandstorm (Coyote)
    Lamont (K-9)


    Action Man (classified)-S.A.S.
    Big Ben (E-6)-S.A.S.-Staff Sergeant
    Skymate (E-4)-Austrailian S.A.S.-Corporal

    Oktober Guard

    Brekhov-(Polkovnik)-Colonel equivalent
    Red Star- (Kapitan)-Captain equivalent
    Gorky- (Leytenant)- Lieuntenant equivalent
    Volga/Dianna-(Leytenant) -Lieutenant equivalent
    Big Bear- (Serzhant) -Sergeant equivalent

    *1-Sgt. Slaughter's Renegades have never been part of any military recognized by the United Nations, and therefore their ranks are honorary equivalents to the specified grade. This also applies to the Fridge.

    *2-Though Major Altitude uses the title "Major" in his code name, he is not an actual Major (O-4) in rank, he is a Chief Warrant Officer (WO-2)

    *3-Sideswipe's filecard lists his rank as E-5A, but I have no idea what the A means.

    *4-Scarlet has trained with Marine Corp fields, but she, like all founding Joes, is Army.

    *5-Mainframe started his military career in the Army, but later re-enlisted as a Marine.

    *6-No Rank Given

    Quote Originally Posted by Rotty
    I've never seen this thread before today, but since it's back, I might as well post the updated edition of the rank chart I originally posted to The Pit mailing list circa 1996. This is the third edition: the second included the fat promotions Thomas Wheeler gave the Joes in '97 and '98, almost all of which have been retconned on all subsequent file cards for those characters. I now assume that only the '97 or '98 file cards of characters who have not been rereleased since then are canon.

    Joseph Colton ----- O-10

    General Hawk ------ O-8

    General Flagg Sr. - O-7 (as of 1982)
    General Flagg Jr. - O-7 (as of 1992)

    Colonel Courage --- O-6

    Sure Fire --------- O-5

    Bullet-Proof ------ O-4
    Major Storm ------- O-4

    Capt. Claymore ---- O-3
    Capt. Grid-Iron --- O-3
    Doc --------------- O-3
    Gears ------------- O-3
    Psyche-Out -------- O-3
    Rapid-Fire -------- O-3
    Updraft ----------- O-3

    Falcon ------------ O-2
    Sub-Zero ---------- O-2
    Super Trooper ----- O-2

    Steeler ----------- O-1
    Thunderwing ------- O-1

    Wild Bill --------- WO-4

    Flint ------------- WO-2
    Lift Ticket ------- WO-2
    Major Altitude ---- WO-2

    Altitude ---------- E-9 (Sargeant Major of the Army)
    Mercer ------------ E-9

    Airwave ----------- E-8
    Big Brawler ------- E-8
    Blizzard ---------- E-8
    Dojo -------------- E-8
    Drop Zone --------- E-8
    Duke -------------- E-8
    Mace -------------- E-8
    Skydive ----------- E-8
    Storm Shadow ------ E-8*

    Airborne II ------- E-7
    Armadillo --------- E-7
    Beachhead --------- E-7
    Cold Front -------- E-7
    Crossfire --------- E-7
    Dodger ------------ E-7
    Hot Seat ---------- E-7
    Long Range -------- E-7
    Salvo ------------- E-7
    Shockwave --------- E-7
    Snake Eyes -------- E-7
    Snow Job ---------- E-7
    Stalker ----------- E-7
    Static Line ------- E-7
    T'Jbang ----------- E-7
    Zap --------------- E-7

    Blowtorch --------- E-6
    Dart -------------- E-6
    Dial-Tone --------- E-6
    Iceberg ----------- E-6
    Lady Jaye --------- E-6
    Lifeline II ------- E-6**
    Low-Light --------- E-6
    Mutt -------------- E-6
    Pathfinder -------- E-6
    Rampage ----------- E-6
    Repeater ---------- E-6
    Roadblock --------- E-6
    Rock & Roll ------- E-6
    Side Track -------- E-6
    Snow Storm -------- E-6
    Whiteout ---------- E-6
    Windchill --------- E-6

    Airborne I -------- E-5
    Alpine ------------ E-5
    Avalanche --------- E-5
    Backblast --------- E-5
    Barricade --------- E-5
    Bazooka ----------- E-5
    Blaster ----------- E-5
    Blocker ----------- E-5
    Breaker ----------- E-5
    Budo -------------- E-5
    Bullhorn ---------- E-5
    Bushido ----------- E-5
    Chuckles ---------- E-5
    Cross Country ----- E-5
    Dusty ------------- E-5***
    Free Fall --------- E-5
    Fridge, the ------- Honorary E-5
    Frostbite --------- E-5
    Grand Slam -------- E-5
    Grunt ------------- E-5
    Heavy Duty -------- E-5
    Ice Cream Soldier - E-5
    Jinx -------------- E-5
    Kamakura ---------- E-5
    Knockdown --------- E-5
    Lifeline I -------- E-5
    Nunchuk ----------- E-5
    Outback ----------- E-5
    Recoil ------------ E-5
    Red Dog ----------- E-5
    Scarlett ---------- E-5
    Short-Fuze -------- E-5
    Sideswipe --------- E-5
    Sneak Peek -------- E-5
    Starduster -------- E-5
    Steam Roller ------ E-5
    Stretcher --------- E-5
    Switch Gears ------ E-5
    Taurus ------------ E-5
    Thunder ----------- E-5
    Tollbooth --------- SP-5
    Tunnel Rat -------- E-5
    Wide Scope -------- E-5

    Agent Faces ------- E-4
    Airtight ---------- E-4
    Banzai ------------ E-4
    Barbeque ---------- E-4
    Barrel Roll ------- E-4
    Charbroil --------- E-4
    Clean Sweep ------- E-4
    Cloudburst -------- E-4
    Clutch ------------ E-4
    Cover Girl -------- E-4
    Crankcase --------- E-4
    Crazylegs --------- E-4
    Crosshair --------- E-4
    Dee-Jay ----------- SP-4
    Downtown ---------- E-4
    Fast Draw --------- E-4
    Flash ------------- E-4
    Footloose --------- E-4
    Hard Drive -------- E-4
    Hardball ---------- E-4
    Heavy Metal ------- E-4
    Hi-Tech ----------- E-4
    Hit & Run --------- E-4
    Law --------------- E-4
    Lightfoot --------- E-4
    Long Arm ---------- E-4
    Muskrat ----------- E-4
    Ozone ------------- E-4
    Quick Kick -------- E-4
    Recondo ----------- E-4
    Red Spot ---------- E-4
    Rip Cord ---------- E-4
    Rollbar ----------- E-4
    Rumbler ----------- E-4
    Sci-Fi ------------ E-4
    Scoop ------------- E-4
    Skidmark ---------- E-4
    Spearhead --------- E-4
    Spirit ------------ E-4
    T'gin-Zu ---------- E-4
    Tiger Claw -------- E-4
    Tripwire ---------- E-4
    Wildcard ---------- E-4
    Wreckage ---------- E-4

    Ambush ------------ E-3
    Robo-Joe ---------- E-3

    Sgt. Hacker ------- unspecified, E-5 to E-9
    Back Stop --------- not given

    *Defected to Cobra under brainwashing. It is unknown how he attained the rank of Master Sergeant after attacking US troops during his initial stint as a Cobra terrorist.
    **Second version apparently demoted to E-5, but appearance and rank seem to have been confused with Lifeline I.
    ***Promoted to E-5 in 1991, all subsequent file cards say E-4. This is ignored on the assumption that disciplinary action resulting in demotion would entail his removal from GI Joe.

    Keel-Haul --------- O-9

    Wet Down ---------- WO-5

    Torpedo ----------- WO-4

    Deep Six ---------- E-7
    Shipwreck --------- E-7
    Tracker ----------- E-7

    Topside ----------- E-6
    Wet-Suit ---------- E-6

    Depth Charge ------ E-5

    Link -------------- E-4
    Rampart ----------- E-4

    Gung-Ho ----------- E-9****

    Leatherneck ------- E-7
    Sgt. Slaughter ---- E-7

    Hollow Point ------ E-6
    Mirage ------------ E-6

    Mainframe --------- E-5

    Blast-Off --------- E-4

    ****Promoted to E-9 in 1992, apparently demoted to E-7 in 2002. As with Dusty, this is ignored.

    Payload ----------- O-6

    Skystriker -------- O-5

    Ghostrider -------- O-4
    Ace --------------- O-4

    Countdown --------- O-3
    Maverick ---------- O-3
    Windmill ---------- O-3

    Dogfight ---------- O-2
    Slipstream -------- O-2

    Hardtop ----------- E-5

    Space Shot -------- E-4

    Cutter ------------ O-2

    Big Ben ----------- Staff Sergeant

    Skymate ----------- Corporal

    Action Man

    Interesting notes:
    1) General "Hawk" Abernathy outranks Flagg the Younger. What role then does Flagg serve vis-a-vis GI Joe?
    2) There are three enlisted men in GI Joe who outrank Duke: Airwave, Gung-Ho, and Mercer. Even if we accept the '97 file card for Duke, these three still have more time in grade than him, and thus would not be his subordinates. What the heck?
    3) Airwave's rank makes no bloody sense whatsoever. Not only is Sergeant Major of the Army a desk job, but Airwave apparently outranks his own squad leader, "Sky Patrol Leader" Skydive.
    4) The United States Marine Corps is the only branch of the US military not to have an officer represented in GI Joe.
    I have tacked Rotty's list to this one, since his differs from mine in many ways, as well as reflecting more recent ranks on some characters, whereas mine only reflects the highest ranks on any of their file cards.
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    Crap! Thanks, I forgot to update that.

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    So Wild Bill is higher on the chain of command than Duke?

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    Wild Bill would be a higher ranked officer than Duke if gi joe functioned under standered military guigrlines... which it does not. GI Joe has always had leeway to choose thier own leadership despite official military rank. Also GI Joe has ben able to get around mandatory retirement rules for its soldiers. Thats how you have Stalker who must be about 50 by now running around with the tiger force.

    Lest we forget that GI Joe also gets to shoot lazers and battle Venom enhanced supervillians as well.

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    Duke is a Field Commander. Wild Bill is a pilot. All the pilots of planes and helicopters are Officers. But since their action rarly happens on the ground, the fact he outranks Duke really doen't matter. However, if Duke is on a helicopter that Bill is piloting, Bill is in charge.

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    That's quite a chart.

    I'm sure you've seen this guys site:

    Joe Rank Chart

    ALthough I don't agree with all of his ideas, I like the idea of charting out all of these ranks.

    He used to have a chart showing promotions and demotions, but that isn't on there any more.

    I'd like to see a chart like this that followed comic & file card continuity, showing when characters were off off the team (in death) or in the 90s or which year they rejoined the team.
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    I just go by the DD battle file comic that was released no to long ago. The ranking system is alot more accurate than most. It also helped that a SFC(E-7) helped put the ranking system together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graz73
    That's quite a chart.

    I'm sure you've seen this guys site:

    Joe Rank Chart

    ALthough I don't agree with all of his ideas, I like the idea of charting out all of these ranks.

    He used to have a chart showing promotions and demotions, but that isn't on there any more.

    I'd like to see a chart like this that followed comic & file card continuity, showing when characters were off off the team (in death) or in the 90s or which year they rejoined the team.
    I've ignored the demotions, figuring they were just minor oversites on the part of Hasbro, Most notable Hawk going from Brigadier General (1 Star) to Major General (2 Star) then back down to Brigadier General for several figures, then up again.

    Also, Flint's first File Card lists him as a Warrant Officer, but his rank as an E-6 (Staff Sergeant), and so on.

    For this reason, I only listed them under their highest rank avchieved, seeing as how the GI Joe team is supposed to be the best of the best, anything that might cause someone to be demoted would also likely get them kicked off the team.

    I do wish that I could chart out which branch of military each character comes from, so I could specify which rank each character is. E-5 can mean Sergeant in Army and Marines, Petty Officer Second Class in Navy, and Staff Sergeant in the Airforce.
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    GI Joe Ranks (Updated)

    footloose and hit&run should be way up there, at least footloose, and man does he need an update


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