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    Repro weapons

    So I've been looking for a Zartan pistol to complete my figure. I went on eBay and saw this: got me thinking ... is there really a way to tell repro weapons from originals? I mean, they're so tiny to begin with. Kinda makes me worried about some of my other "complete" figures if their weapons are repros or not. Any input would be appreciated!

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    As someone who did most of my collecting before the big repro boom, I have yet to see a repro that wasnít pretty obvious (in person) due to either color or plastic quality. I can pretty easily distinguish between original accessories and anything produced later.

    That being said, it is very difficult to tell from auction pictures. Also, I have been out of the game for a while now so my anecdotal experience may differ from others more current in buying and selling.

    For me, I donít really care. I donít think toys will be a good investment, so if I can get enjoyment out of it I donít really care if it is a repro, but I certainly donít want to pay diamond prices for cubic zirconium.
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    I saw these available as well, I wonder who is producing them?
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    like a lot of people that seller has bought from me in the past, he seems genuine and his molds look pretty good. i don't want to critique anyone though. but no that's not me, i'm retired from that. there is at least one ebay seller though who has made molds from parts i sold him in the past and he sells those and overall they look like crap. bluesnagman (the seller in the above auction) is not that guy.
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