Favorite gi joe vehicle?


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    Favorite gi joe vehicle?

    What's your favorite gi joe vehicle? Post them here. Personally mine is the Flagg

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    The 2008 VAMP. It's a nice update of the original. I still have one of the gas cans from the original one I owned as a child.

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    I always like the RAM. It was my first vehicle.
    The Joe Collectin' "Geek"

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    I always really liked the Tomahawk, but my favorite has to be the first "actual" vehicle I ever got: the Snowcat. I mean, it's a half-track with freakin' ski-missiles. Nevermind the fact that the ski-missiles would wreck anyone hanging off the side and the rockets would torch anyone hanging off the back, if you only had Frostbite driving and Snow Job in the passenger seat, it was a super practical vehicle. Also, just ignore the full glass front canopy...at least it was better than the H.A.V.O.C. (Cross-Country was a sitting duck in that thing! But it was a cool vehicle, too.)

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