Gijoe and Cobras Couples in love

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    Gijoe and Cobras Couples in love

    heyy. What couples in love you prefer on Gijoe and Cobras?
    you Know... Like Baroness and Destro
    submit 5 at least
    Yo Joe!

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    wait... do you mean ones we'd like to see?

    Your wording or lack there of is confusing.

    There's only 5 or so established couples/flirty in the cartoon universe.

    Baroness/Destro are clearly shown to be more than just compatriots in the cartoon.

    Flint/Lady Jaye same thing.

    Falcon/Jinx we're starting something in the movie.

    Duke/Scarlet flirt throughout the series.

    Some will say Zaranna/Mainframe

    Covergirl and Duke flirt in the Christmas episode.

    And in the DIC cartoons wasn't Destro paired with Zarana at the begining before going back to Baroness.

    Oh Shipwreck and Mara but the bulk of their relationship happens in a hallucination.

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    yeah i mean what couples in love you like to see
    or in case like you say Zarana with Mainframe (mm isnt was Lifeline?)
    or with Roadpig like in the comics, or Duke/Scarlett or with snake eyes..
    Yo Joe!

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    The new comics also have:

    Jinx & Budo

    Alexander Destro & Lady Armada

    Cover Girl, Daina, and Firewall are not usually paired up with anyone...
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    Lifeline was with some other chick who was rich or her father was since he own weapons manufacturing as well. Her name started with a B...

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    Lifeline called her Bree for short.

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    The problem with the G.I.Joe women were that there were so few. In the Sunbow era: all but Covergirl dated an officer. For all the other male Joes, they could only get civilians.
    That's what happened to Shipwreck (who got Mara), Quick-Kick (Amber), Lifeline (Britney van Mark) and Iceberg (Mahia).
    There is always going to be a forbidden relationship in warfare. Usually it means a Good guy/Bad girl thing. That is where Mainframe and Zarana took center stage (my favorite couple). I guarantee Cobra's wrath would've been worse than the Joes'. If the two were married, I'm sure Zanya would've taken advantage of this.

    Destro/Baroness was a classic. Pythona was obviously destined for Serpentor (Cobra Commander could always make a woman out of the wives of Serpy's DNA components). Even with the later comic females, there is never enough love in both armies.

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    In the series also appears Jinx & Falcon
    Yo Joe!

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    Duke, Flint and Falcon were commanding Joes who had were fortunate to have women to work alongside them as well as date.

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    like gung ho said" find a date on your own time. this aint no tunnel of love."


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