Can We Talk About Blizzard (1988) For A Minute?

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    Can We Talk About Blizzard (1988) For A Minute?

    So, to control myself during this quarantine boredom, I'm limiting myself to picking up only the arctic/snow troopers. I've got a Snowcat, Frostbite, Snow Job & Iceberg on the way. I thought that was all of them, through when I stopped collecting, which was around 92-93, except for Sub-Zero, who I never really liked, and Windchill, who came with the absolutely ridiculous Arctic Blast vehicle. (Who designs a snow vehicle without an enclosed driving compartment? Insane.) So I was surprised when I came across Blizzard while searching eBay. I'm not sure if I blocked this guy out of my memory, or just didn't know he existed because I literally DO NOT remember him. I know I was still collecting Joes in 1988 because I had just about every other figure from the Class of 88, but I just don't recall this dude. Like, at all. I don't know if I inherited his stuff from my little brother or a neighbor, because weirdly, I know I used to have his spiked ice shoes and both his guns, but I didn't have his other accessories...But what is up with this dude's helmet? Seriously, it's enormous. And impractical. Dude's gonna freeze his face off because he doesn't even have a beard like Frostbite or Snow Job. He has snow shoes and skis? And his backpack turns into a sled? No wonder I have amnesia about him. (And yet, Joes with insane weapons like Salvo or Heavy Duty seemed perfectly reasonable to me as a kid.)

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    He's got a lot of issues, but I still really like the figure. There are plenty of others that I don't like, but he gets a pass. That helmet desperately needs fixed though. I'd love to see someone 3D print a better version.

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