[H] Almost entire G.I.JOE ARAH TPB series via IDW (Classics, Spec Missions, ARAH


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    [H] Almost entire G.I.JOE ARAH TPB series via IDW (Classics, Spec Missions, ARAH

    Hey everyone,
    I have been diligently collecting all the GI JOE Classic and ARAH trades from IDW for the last few years. Suddenly I'm out of space and out of $ and need to sell these. The vast majority of them are brand new, else perhaps read just once. Only one with a flaw is Classic vol 1, there is a tiny bit of the cover corner missing (see pics). Many of these are rare, hence their pricing. I'm trying to undercut anything on ebay.
    All books will be shipped via USPS Media Mail, fully insured for the amount if over $50. Minimum order is $40. All books will be shipped in a sturdy box, packed very well. I'm a collector so I ship things the way I want to receive them. Payment would be via Paypal. Continental United States only. I've enclosed a imgur link of pics of all the books, if you want to see more pics of a particular book or books, please let me know. I'll discount on multiple book orders.
    CLASSIC TPBs reprint the original Marvel series in its entirety. Starting with vol 16 it picks up in the IDW series that continues on from ARAH, still written by Mr. Hama. After vol 20 they just started releasing these as smaller trades.
    TIMESTAMP PIC: https://imgur.com/a/AXTjGTU
    G.I. Joe Classic vol 1 $25
    G.I. Joe Classic vol 2 $35
    G.I. Joe Classic vol 3 $35
    G.I. Joe Classic vol 4 $60
    G.I. Joe Classic vol 5 $30
    G.I. Joe Classic vol 6 $25
    G.I. Joe Classic vol 7 $30
    G.I. Joe Classic vol 8 $50
    G.I. Joe Classic vol 9 $90
    G.I. Joe Classic vol 10 $25
    G.I. Joe Classic vol 11 $85
    G.I. Joe Classic vol 12 $25
    G.I. Joe Classic vol 13 $80
    G.I. Joe Classic vol 14 $25
    G.I. Joe Classic vol 16 $30
    G.I. Joe Classic vol 17 $25
    G.I. Joe Classic vol 18 $45
    G.I. Joe Classic vol 19 $60
    G.I. Joe Classic vol 20 $15
    G.I. Joe Classic Yearbook $25
    G.I. Joe Order of Battle (this hasn't been reprinted by IDW, so this is the old Marvel TPB from many years ago) - $30
    Special Missions Classic vol 1 $35
    Special Missions Classic vol 2 $20
    Special Missions Classic vol 3 $90
    Special Missions Classic vol 4 $15
    These take over after CLASSICS vol 20.
    ARAH vol 11 $40
    ARAH vol 12 $20
    ARAH vol 13 $60
    ARAH vol 16 $60
    ARAH vol 17 $20
    ARAH vol 18 $20
    ARAH vol 19 $35
    ARAH vol 20 $20
    ARAH vol 21 $20
    ARAH vol 22 $20
    ARAH vol 23 $20
    ARAH vol 24 $20
    Silent Option $20
    All ARAH BUNDLE $350

    Any questions/comments, please reach out! I'll keep the post updated and mark off books as they're sold.
    Thanks again for looking, and have a great day!
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