4’x8’ GI Joe Headquarters Diorama called Dreadnok Operation: Jail Bird


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    4’x8’ GI Joe Headquarters Diorama called Dreadnok Operation: Jail Bird

    I’ve created a 4 foot by 8 foot diorama to display my GI Joe Collection.YouTube

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    very cool! i have several small dioramas around my apt but this is amazing
    need 88 TF dusty crotch

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    That's just super!!! Makes me wish I had went forward with doing something similar with the USS FLAGG. I wanted to put levels underneath it kind of like you did for your base.....BTW- Not sure the Night Club is a good idea next to the Briefing and Arms Rooms.....I have to think Sgt Slaughter, Shipwreck, West Suit and Leatherneck will no doubt have one too many and a brawl will break out and interrupt Hawk or Duke's evening briefing!!!

    Great job Bud- I look forward to seeing where this heads!!
    I'm into Heavy Metal, mayhem and explosions.....

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