Articulated Points Episode 9: Street Fighter, Action Masters, Ghostbusters

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    Articulated Points Episode 9: Street Fighter, Action Masters, Ghostbusters

    We're finally back with an Articulated Points episode! Join Patrick and Phillip as they explore Hasbro's foray into video game action figures, check out non-transforming Transformers, and ask Kenner to complete our Ghostbusters collection!

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    Good to see another video by you guys.

    I recently bought all six of the Hasbro reissues of the Kenner Ghostbusters toys. I can't wait to get them. I was a huge Ghostbusters fan when I was a kid. I even went as one for Halloween one year complete with the Kenner proton pack. I had a lot of the toys. I have a story that I would like to share. When I got into Ghostbusters, the fright features figures were already out. I got some of them with Peter being the first Ghostbusters figure I bought. I really wanted the original four with the proton packs, but I couldn't find them in stores anymore. I eventually found Ray and traded one of my friends some Battle Beasts for his Peter figure, which was beat up and had no accessories. After the second movie came out, I rounded a corner in Toys 'R Us and found an entire endcap with the original four Ghostbusters figures. I'm not sure if they reissued them for the second movie or if it was an old stock that was put out, but I was elated and bought Egon, Peter, and Winston. Most of what was left of my Ghostbusters collection got auctioned off in 2000, so I'm happy about the Hasbro reissues. The other fun thing will be finally owning that Slimer figure and Stay Puft. I remember one of my friends having Slimer. The Stay Puft I never saw in a store.

    I'm in total agreement with Janine and Louis getting released for the line like was mentioned. Maybe they could release them in a Wave that has the H2Ghost and the Bug-Eye Ghost. Also, I remember screaming heroes Peter to come with a trap and Egon coming with a pke meter. Releasing those accessories in a blue plastic with Janine and Louis is an idea.

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    You're spot on about the trap and PKE meter. Those accessories need reissues as well!

    I found Superman and Batman on smaller Super Powers cards in a store years after I got my first set. Since mine were pretty beat up, I was more than happy to have the chance for cleaner figures again! So it wouldn't surprise me if Kenner reissued the original four Ghostbusters during their run.

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    Do you have any of these Sagats? Let us know, and then watch our episode about Hasbro's Street Fighter figures!

    We're also on Podbean and iTunes, too!

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    This prototype of the G.I. Joe Star Brigade Armor Tech figures shows how a G.I. Joe head was attached to a Transformers Action Masters body!

    More Action Masters talk in our latest episode!

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    In our latest episode, we talk about releasing Real Ghostbusters figures of Janine and Louis in their cartoon colors. One of our viewers, who goes by Alchemist, mentioned that there were some accessories that could benefit from being in better colors. And he's absolutely right!

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    If your X-16 Ghoststriker needs a co-pilot, Paratrooper Guile is your man!

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