2020 GI Joe Retro Collection (Wal-Mart)


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    2020 GI Joe Retro Collection (Wal-Mart)

    I haven't seen any posts on it here, so I was just curious on to what everyone's thoughts were on the new retro collection at Wal-Mart.

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    When I first heard of the line, I was hoping that they'd be o-ring Joes for a truly retro line. There have been Transformers reissues, Ghostbusters reissues, Star Wars reissues, so why not Joe?

    I mainly see them as repacks with some different part configurations having collected all throughout the 25th line and after up until 2016. I wish they'd release some characters that I missed out on having in 25th Sculpt form like Footloose and Dial-Tone, which go for a lot being Club exclusives. They could, also, make a much better '87 style Falcon. As far as vehicles go, I would like to see something like the Wolverine with a classic Cover Girl and a STUN. I'd like to see more variety. It seems every time the brand relaunches, they release figures of the same characters and the same vehicles. I'm sure I'm not the intended demographic, though. It's probably people that missed out on the whole 25th line and whatnot. But, still, plenty of figures of these characters can be found on the secondary market.

    I'd, also, like to add that Hasbro needs to put these figures on better cards. I'm sure the packaging is a selling point and the cards are very flimsy and sometimes tear at the tags from being on the pegs.

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    To be honest guys even back in teh day if a figure was far enough back on the peg that removing the figures in front was a hassle I'd reach around the peg and tear the top of the peg hole. Figure like most people I was going to open it anyway so why not.

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    Images of more figures for the Retro Collection are out (Duke, CC, and Lady Jaye). There are two ways they could make Duke better. All they have to do is release v28 in in v1 colors with his helmet, pistol, submachine gun, binoculars, backpack, and bandoleer. Maybe include the screaming head as an extra. The other way is releasing v51 in v1 colors. The Cobra Commander is not a good choice of parts between the “diaper crotch”, which doesn't allow the figure to sit well at all and what appear to be the ROC Zartan arms that have a limited range of motion. The simplest thing to do is release Ultimate Cobra Commander (v53) in v1 colors. It's a great figure and would be a straight up repaint.

    In regards to the packaging, maybe instead of having all that space in the bubble, they could have a separate little bubble over the figures' for the smaller accessories, which would free float like they did with the 80's Joes. It would look a lot better and give them a more retro feel.

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    Adding the Retro line.

    Any idea if someone will add these to the YoJoe.com figure database?

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    My opinion has somewhat changed on the line. I got the vehicles, which were some of the first GI Joe products that I bought since 2016. I say some because I got a couple of the 6” figures and most likely won't be buying any more. A lot of that has to do with quality control issues that I experienced and not digging Joe in that scale after having them in hand. The figures' legs are stuck and attempting to move them causes stress marks on the ball joints. I'm kind of grateful for all that with them being so hard to obtain, but I digress...

    The closest Walmart to me is over six miles away. It's really too bad Toys 'R Us is gone because it was a heck of a lot closer and I pass the re-purposed building every time I go out for groceries. When the new sign went up, I knew it was never coming back. I'm sure they would still be carrying Joes if they were around. With Walmart exclusives, I've been getting them from their website. Their prices are often way too high, which is something I'd expect to see on eBay. The best I could do was getting the AWE Striker for around $17.00, the HISS for around $25.00, and the same for the FANG. The last of which price has been ridiculous until recently. I, also, got free shipping since I tacked them onto other orders, which exceeded $35.00.

    I never got the green AWE Striker for the 25th line. I really like the new one. I think they did a great job between the colors, quality of plastic, and the stickers. The stickers stay on extremely well. I can say the same good things for the HISS and and the FANG. Although the stickers on the FANG's missiles lift. The FANG, if anyone doesn't know by now, appears to be a new mold. It looks good and I like things like the thickness of the prop. Unfortunately, it has a major issue... It has two holes where the figure's legs go. The only figure I have that I've been able to seat in it is the figure it came with due to its extra leg articulation. So, there went any ideas of putting my CC, Destro, etc. in it.

    Additionally, the figures included with the vehicles are good. They have very nice paint applications. The material they're made of seems a bit soft, though, and the FANG's pilot's foot peg holes are too big to be used with previous 25th stands and the excellent smalljoes.com ones, which I recently ordered a hundred of. I should have ordered them years ago. I think they're so much better than the official 25th stands.

    As for the single carded figures, my opinion hasn't changed much. I think it's a really shame about Duke. It was a missed opportunity to give us a great figure. The original 25th one is such a mess between the missing accessories and the arms. The one I got doesn't even have a backpack hole. I do think things are going in a better direction. The Cobra Trooper looks all right. It looks like they did a nod to the JC Penney one with the green bazooka. Also, that web gear looks good. Stalker looks pretty awesome. Best looking figure of the line thus far, IMO. Still, I wish they would make figures like Footloose that would fill some holes in my 25th collection.

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