The big REISSUE question

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    The big REISSUE question

    Has anyone tried to (or is attempting to) get a license from Hasbro (US, Europe), or other companies (that still have the molds) such as Funskool or Takara and produce a series of reissued ARAH GI Joes? Not retro, not variations of the O-ring design. Exactly what you got from 82 to 84. The same quality plastic, paint apps, the same everything. Just like what Takara did with G1 Transformers years ago. Is it not possible to get a kickstarter going and make this happen? It's been a burning question that has had me dumbfounded for the last 20 years.Is there a problem with licensing? A lack of demand? Since Hasbro seems determined on doing everything but reissues it seems an outside source is the only way to make this happen.
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    A beautiful question to behold. I wonder if the HISS and VAMP rereleases this year put the foot pegs in vintage or 25th style. 2022 will be the 40th anniv of the 3-3/4” line...

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    I did read something here a lot of years back, so don't quote me on it because I could be remembering wrong, but it was in regards to Hasbro not wanting to make O-ring Joes because of the metal parts involved. I can only wonder if something like that has to do with other companies not making them. I'd like to see reissues, though. There's been Transformers reissues, Star Wars reissues, and Ghostbusters reissues. All by Hasbro, too. Now, they're not exactly the same, but they're pretty darn close. I'm wondering if a company like Super7 could make them.

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    Hasbro put out G1 TF reissues in the 2000's that were identical to the 1980's line, with the exception of the box art. Takara came the closest, including the box art. I know it can be done, they just need to bring back the right talent. I would reply more, but this damn captcha keeps annoying me as I write a reply to the posts. I have to stop typing and click a box every 30 seconds to say I'm not a bot. Jeezus.
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    Putting a new number on the HISS Tanks would be a good start in that direction. Is there a reason all HISS Tanks come with a 788 designation?

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    Hasbro destroyed most of their o-ring figure molds. The molds were worn out and they were tired of paying for storage. Hasbro has stated repeatedly they they are done with O-ring. So, I doubt we will ever see anything from Hasbro.

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    Yet, Hasbro put out new molds (or recast them from the production parts) for 83 Skystrikers and 85 AWE Strikers. It can be done.If not by Hasbro, then Haslabs as a special project, or someone could get a license just for a select few figures to test the water. What I'm saying, is it's not an impossible or as ''final'' as people think, provided Hasbro or someone else wants to do something.

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