To heck with you all

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    To heck with you all

    I Love GI Joe.But because of you "collectors", (I put that in quotations because you're not collectors, you're hoarders) you make it impossible for ANYONE "new" to get into the hobby. Someone like myself, who is younger, and wants to enjoy what kids in the 80's enjoyed, CAN'T. Hasbro produced A LOT of these toys, but when I watch ten different youtubers that that have 50+ cobra soldiers and Vipers on display, plus more MOC elsewhere... Add in how many were played to death with and/or thrown away as kids grew up, there's only so many to go around anymore. People my age, with money (IE Rich Parents) are interested in cars and partying and whatever cellphone is the newest, and THAT is where they spend their money. But because you HOARDERS have shelves and walls and storage containers full of boxed/MOC stuff and then MORE walls/shelves full of multiple (MANY multiple) copies of figures and vehicles on display for background in your youtube videos, there is nothing left for us average "Joes" to collect at a reasonable price. You hoarded so much stuff, there is nothing left for a new collector to acquire at any kind of reasonable price ($20 for a scuffed up figure with no accessories? PLUS S&H???), therefor there will be NO new collectors and in 10-20 years time, NO ONE will care about these toys and all your "investments" will be for naught, because there will be no new blood to want what you have. Military type things keep falling out of fashion more and more as our society keeps getting weaker and weaker due to "snowflakes". You're "collector" habits make SURE that no one new will get into collecting such a toy. To Heck with you all, and I guess I just have to keep buying green army men from the dollar store. This is my first and (probably?) last post here. I may respond to a comment that makes sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Newjoefan View Post
    To Heck with you all, and I guess I just have to keep buying green army men from the dollar store. This is my first and (probably?) last post here. I may respond to a comment that makes sense.
    Not sure what would count as making sense, but I do understand where you come from. However, I do know that a lot of folks are always willing to help a new collector get started into the hobby. And you are definitely correct about these small hobbies needing new blood. But as far as hording goes... there were probably millions of these little frustrations created. And if you are persistent you can always find a good deal out there. I think there are only a few really expensive ones and folks will sell lots of Joes in one go and sometimes they sell lots of weapons. That is always a good way to get these guys. Some of us collectors just retained our crap from when we were kids so there is that as well. But do not get too frustrated there are plenty out there.
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