New HISS Tank Designation

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    New HISS Tank Designation

    Is there a reason all HISS Tanks come with the 788 number? With all the different remakes over the years, would it be that hard for Hasbro to change the number?
    I am going to clear out my storage soon and I am going to find out how many HISS tanks I have stored away.

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    The HISS 5 is the only other HISS aside from the original and the retro release to have the 788 designation. And even then it came with alternate numbers so you could literally make your own unit designation. I'm not sure what the issue is here.

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    I think the problem is the artwork. All the artwork on the different packages over the years has shown the 788 on the tank. If you have never opened the different ones, you would not know that there is a different number.

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    Looking at the box art, that only adds in the 25th black HISS and the Crimson HISS 5.

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    I think the other part is that I have never seen all the HISS Tanks or the artwork at once. The main artwork shown most of the time that I have seen over the years is the 788 HISS Tank. That is the number that sticks in my head. I have seen a custom HISS tank recently that also uses the 788. The 788 just seems like the number I always see on the HISS. I think in all those clear packages and remakes of the original HISS, I remember seeing the 788.

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