Hello all. Missing the following. Also, willing to pay fair market but please no crazy ebay prices. Thank youAccessories- original only please, not from accessories packMutts Uzi Mutts hand held muzzleEels breather in tact with both tubes( I have a broken tube with mine)Snake eyes UziFigures 82-85. Versions only please and all v1. Also, my figures are in nice collectors grade, averaged 80 plus on the scale. Missing O rings are perfectly fineStraight arm cobra commander Hooded cobra commanderDustyTorpedoDocTripwire v1Crimson guardCrimson twinsStorm shadowFireflyZartanMajor bluddBuzzerTorchRipperFlintHiss driverCopperhead Wild BillSgt Slaughter.That's my list. I will delete as I receive to keep it up to date.PM me or post here. Thank you in advance Kevin