Was the 1986 line meant to "replace" the 82-83 characters?


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    Was the 1986 line meant to "replace" the 82-83 characters?

    Looking at the 1986 line, it seems like they were trying to replace some of the 1982-83 characters. Just look:

    Snow Job---->Iceberg

    Even in Cobra, the various Vipers (I know Televipers were introduced the previous year) seemed to be made to supplant the Cobra Troopers. Anyone else see this, or is it just coincidence?

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    It certainly seems that way and you left out Stalker----> Beach Head. I'd almost say Breaker ----> Dial-Tone/Mainframe since Dial-Tone like Breaker was a Communications person. Also it kind of started in 1985 with Grunt---->Footloose. Scarlett----> Lady Jaye and Zap---->Bazooka. IF not 1984 with Rock 'n Roll---->Roadblock. One could also argue Clutch---->Crankcase and Steeler---->Heavy MNetal both also 1985 Snake-Eyes, Grand Slam, and Hawk are probably the only ones who were not really replaced.

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    One thing that I've read here over the years is that some Joes were originally meant to be second versions of certain characters. Like Sci-Fi was initially supposed to be Flash v2.

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