Accessory Pack Weapons or Original?

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    Accessory Pack Weapons or Original?

    I can't figure if all these are Accessory Pack weapons or if they are original. The Snake Eyes Satchel looks like accessory pack and is clearly grey. The other weapons look dark grey and definitely not as light as the Satchel. Hard to tell because these are not black either.

    Any help would be great? I posted the images at imgur:


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    The original accessories are a charcoal grey. Definitely not black despite what the site says. It’s hard to tell in the pics but it looks like you Cobra Officer AK, RockNRoll machine gun, and the lower Flash rifle are all original. The Cobra Officer gun >may< have been made in black for the Python patrol but was never made in grey for the accessory packs so the stuff that matches that color is probably original while the light grey stuff is accessory pack.

    Hope that helps.
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    It's difficult to tell in photos and due to different lighting conditions, but the M-32 submachine gun might be the one from the Transportable Tactical Battle Platform (1985) and not Stalker or Tiger Force Duke's. IIRC, the version from the TTBP was darker than the accessory pack version.

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