Hi Everyone !.I hope that you are all keeping well,during these strange and ever changing times.I am going through my GI Joe accessories and unfortunately,as many of you know,the bird accessories/companions,that go along with Raptor,Spirit,Shipwreck and Voltar,all have talons that can and usually do come out,lost to the void.I still have a Voltar's vulture with talons and I was just figuring,if these were all the same mold,that I would attempt to make a copy,then replace all of the missing talons from the other birds and paint them to match,as best as I can.Can anyone confirm that these are,as I only have 1 to base this on and the pics I have seen of the other birds are hard to tell?.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you all !.Stay safe,stay well,stay healthy & stay positive !.Take care,Jeff.