Anybody interested in a 1998 Navy Seal Mission or Army Recon Mission in unsealed package but complete? I also have a 1997 Arctic Mission 3 pack MOC MISB that I want to trade for some older complete figures. If you are interested, I will provide a partial list of figures I need below. You can also message me with other offerings. I'm looking to trade al 3 packages for at least 3-5 complete figures from the 80s-90s.

83 Cobra Commander (I would trade for just this figure)
84 Zartan (I would trade for just this figure)
85 Airtight, Flint, Lady Jaye
86 Mainframe, Monkeywrench
87 Jinx, Sneak Peak
88 Shockwave, Roadpig
89 Backblast, Downtown
90 Ambush, Rock Viper, SAW Viper
91 Red Star, Desert Scorpion
92 Big Bear
94 (All Star Brigade except Flint) Flint, SciFi, Duke, Cobra Commander

Or Tell Me what 80s 90s Joes you have.