Most reporting on my Vette will list the mighway mileage between 26 and 26 mpg with the manual transmission. That is with the stock engine.

The biggest plus is the car is light. For instance, I had a 97 Vette which has the same engine that the Pontiac GTO uses now. The GTO has the gas guzzler tax where the Vette didn't. The weight is the biggest difference.

And the Z06 cut even more weight that the standard coupe.

Plus the z06 is just more modern and more efficient than a 1966 Mustang. They didn't care about gas prices in 1966 - just raw power.

I didn't mean to hijack the thread.

As mentioned, a lot of bigger cities have place that rent more exotic cars. If you have the means and I assume you do if you are considering buying a Viper, try renting one or two first. Check out the different models.

And if you are buying new, be prepared to have the dealership be a pain about test driving. Most dealers won't let you unless you show you are serious about getting it. It is a sad world that way but it is how it is. They judge you on how you look and what you drove into the lot in.

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