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    80ís cartoon

    Are Flint and Lady Jaye better than Duke and Scarlett?

    It seemed like they got much more exposure.

    The cartoon threw Duke and Scarlett away like they were nothing.

    They even gave Ladye and Flint a daughter Marisa Fairborne in the Transformers cartoon, as well as a cameo for Flint in the episode “The Killing Jar.”

    The cartoon wanted to kill off Duke in the animated movie, and they actually did it in the live-action movie.

    Why do Flint and Lady Jaye get so much more respect than Duke and Scarlett?

    Duke and Scarlett seem like they’re in charge of the Joes but Flint and Lady Jaye I think actually outrank them.
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    on Question 1 TOugh to SAy
    Q2 they might have I think they tried to focus on what was in stores when certain episodes were made. Which is why some characters like Grand Slam were seen sparsely if at all.
    Q3. That they did
    Q/P for. The outcryover Optimus Prime changed that.
    Q4 HArd to say but some of it might be Greater Peg exposure at the time.

    Technically Flint did outrank Duke but I think Scarlett would have Outranked Lady Jaye (Scarlett was a Sergeant and Lady Jaye a Corporal.

    BUT I think in Special OPS Units the lines between command and rank are sometimes Blurred. (Look at all the Fanfic types who consider Beach HEad (who is a Staff Sergeant possible Sergeant FirstClass at the most) as a Sergeant Major when Duke (The First Sergeant) being a MAster Sergeant outranks Beach Head no matter what.

    The Line of COmmand established in Arise Serpentor Arise Part 1 was Hawk, Duke, Flint, Beach Head.

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    Was it ever explained in the cartoons and comics how Cobra Commander got restored to human form after being turned into a snake?

    He obviously came back in the Transformers cartoon as Old Snake.

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    It was shown in Operation: Dragonfire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PJDonnell View Post
    It was shown in Operation: Dragonfire.
    Outstanding! Thanks! I canít wait to watch it.

    Did you cry or get scared when Cobra Commander got turned into a snake?

    Was that scene appropriate for a kidís cartoon? Should it have made it PG-13 or R?

    That freaked me out as a kid. Maybe when I watch it again as an adult it will still give me chills?

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    Seeing Cobra Commander turn into a snake wasn't nearly as traumatic as seeing Optimus Prime die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PJDonnell View Post
    Seeing Cobra Commander turn into a snake wasn't nearly as traumatic as seeing Optimus Prime die.
    But if it saved Dukeís life, wasnít it worth it?

    Duke was the leader of the GI Joes from the very beginning. Remember:

    Didnít you like Duke?

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    I'm more of a Hawk guy. And he was the leader since 1982!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PJDonnell View Post
    I'm more of a Hawk guy. And he was the leader since 1982!
    I did not know this. Iím guessing it was in the comics and action figure cardbacks, because the cartoon had not come out yet.

    Thatís interesting because I would think the cartoon would leave the most emotional impact. Arenít the cartoons the ultimate, dominant canon?

    Are the toys and comics more powerful than the cartoons.

    When I saw Duke at the start of this intro charging out of the gates in his motorcycle, and in the middle leading his men in a firefight, and at the end standing in the center of his troops with Scarlett all in front of the American flag with there arms raised and pumping in victory:

    That was it. Duke was and will always be in my mind the leader of GI Joe.

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    Generally, the Marvel comic continuity is considered the dominant canon.


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