Custom Flagg aircraft carrier

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    Custom Flagg aircraft carrier

    I started this project because I always wanted one but never got one. I looked into the price of a used one and an unopened one but still wasn't happy with what I was going to get. I wanted a ship with more play value and that's the last thing I remember. It was a crazy trance of cutting wood and glueing. I added a hangar bay area, a second launcher area, the working anchors, and in the back a well deck to launch the W.H.A.L.E and two devil fish. I also added rooms below deck and stairs and walkways even a torpedo launcher. It's about the same size as the original toy but with below deck play value added. I tried to mimic the Flagg aircraft carrier design but only the stickers and anchors came from the toy.

    Please enjoy the pictures in the link below. I will add more soon.

    Custom G.I.Joe Flagg aircraft carrier

    Yo Joe!


    Upate: have it all painted and stickers.
    Custom G.I.Joe Flagg aircraft carrier (Painted)
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    That is amazing. You're an artist. Consider making bases/headquarters too -and not copies of the playsets. Go wild!

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    Man, it´s huge!!!
    Amazing job!!!
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