First, if this is in the wrong spot I apologize, I looked and couldn't find a seemingly better place.

Back when I was a young boy, my card collecting crazed grandfather (he was awesome) gifted me a number of trading cards/card sets. Some of those were G.I. JOE trading cards marked 1991. From what I can tell it's at least one full complete set, including gold bordered cards, with multiple sets likely given the number of cards in the collection. The cards have been stored tightly packed, on their sides, by my grandfather since probably Christmas 92 or 93. I've searched for a better way to value the cards but don't want to pay for prices to get an idea of weather I should hold for the future or sell to make room as I'm not a serious collector. EBAY is unhelpful as its hard to decipher real listing from high dollar scams. If anyone has an idea what they are worth by card or a complete set I'd sure appreciate it. If it's not much it may be cool to put sets together for my future grandkids. Thanks anyone for any help!