Intro of New Member and Selling Items on Yo Joe!

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    Intro of New Member and Selling Items on Yo Joe!

    I recently pulled my old action figures out of storage and I am looking to find them a new home. This site is great...!!! Thank you for having all the information needed.

    I listed a number of items on YoJoe (and a few in the sales section here):

    I also have some miscellaneous items that I am also going to list in the near future. I have a few weapons, backpacks, and other items that may be just right if you are missing something in your collection.

    Cheers and Happy Holidays!!

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    I guess I am in the same boat here. 47 yrs young. I found my old (1980's) stuff in a box that had been packed away. Approximately fifteen 3.5" toys. Some have all of their stuff (backpacks and gun) and some don't have any. Plus I found a small bag with a whole bunch of other weapons that probably went to other joe's I used to have. I also have a Command Center in the original box. I haven't taken it out to see if everything is in there but I believe it is.

    To be honest, I don't have kids that will play with them nor do I want to continue to store. I have no idea where to start with pricing and would like to just sell the entire thing all together. I have pics I could email to people if need be.

    Any help on pricing and or if you are interested in buying, please send me a PM.

    Thanks everyone.

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