Hey, all.

I'm an old-school G.I.Joe fan whose first figure was the original straight-armed Snake Eyes and who started reading the comic from issue #1. That said, I'm obviously new here. And I joined your community because I have a question (or series of questions)...

While it's obvious the third variation of Classified Snake Eyes is missing the red mark above the visor and has the knife in its sheath, how do you know if you have one of the other two iterations?

I've heard the "first wave" of Classified Snake Eyes had issues with wonky abs and bad knife sheaths. However, I've also heard there was a "second wave" that fixed both of these issues. From what I understand, the issues were fixed sometime between August and October of 2020 and there is a way to figure this out based on "date stamps" or "lot codes" or "punch codes" or whatnot.

Well, where are these codes/stamps located? And do they really help identify the particular Snake Eyes you own?

I've noticed my Snake Eyes has an indented number on the bottom of its box that reads "0 1281." Does this mean anything? Just fyi, I bought the figure on October 22, 2020, at a Walmart location in North Carolina. (The figure is still in its packaging because of storage issues; I do plan to open it at some point in the future.)

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks in advance.