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    Help Identifying Characters


    I recently received an awesome 1980s GI Joe collection that I'm sorting through and I came across a few characters that I can seem to identify.

    I'm not sure who the guy on the far left is and I'm not sure who the red guy is with the blue chest plate. I have one that is complete and then two that appear to be a mixture of a cobra commander and a red guy. Can you help me identify these and any recommendations on how to swap parts to complete the cobra commander and red guy?

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    Looks like whoever had these figures before you took them apart and switched the body parts around. The figure on the left is a Cobra Officer body with Wild Weasel's head and arms, for example.
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    Here's what you have from left to right:

    Figure one:

    Head and arms:

    Torso, Waist, and legs:

    Figure two:

    Head, left arm, waist, and legs:

    Torso and right arm:

    Figure 3:

    Head, left arm, waist, and torso:

    Right arm and torso:

    Figure four:

    Swap the parts around from the second and third figure to make a Cobra Commander and a HISS Driver. Also, note that the blue parts from the first figure pictured could be from a version 1 and not a 1.5, but I don't think that can be determined without the arms where the variance is present.

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    Awesome, I really appreciate the detailed replied. I've learned a lot the last 2 weeks and it's been a fun little journey. I feel pretty appreciative to have been handed down such an awesome set.

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    An awesome set indeed! They look to be in really nice condition. And, you even have the very valuable straight-armed, first ever Cobra Commander with the “Mickey Mouse” Cobra emblem.

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