What is your favourite video game of ALL TIME???


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    What is your favourite video game of ALL TIME???

    What's your favourite game? Tell us why too.

    For me, It's a toss up. First it's Phantasy Star 3 for the Genesis. This game was smokin'! I know it's supposed to be the worst of the 4, but I loved it. You could play it a couple of times over and it would be different...how many games at the time gave you a choice on how the game evolved? I don't know of too many. It was crazy tuff though, and stupid how you could see the monsters you were running into. But other than that, it's my favourite game ever....well one of them.

    Second, Ultima 4 for the Master System. I still have this one on my desk. My mom bought me this game for 20 bucks and I've never gotten bored with it. I think I was actually addicted to it. Terrible graphics, it's only 8 bit, but man I can remember every single jingle from the game. I still think of playing it, I've never finished it....maybe one day.

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    ikari warriors for the old nes system, my bro and i would play it all night long.

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    As an SNES player, I tend to go for the RPGs.

    1. Chrono Trigger
    2. Final Fantasy III (a close second)
    3. Super Mario RPG
    4. The Secret of Mana
    5. For less time-consuming games, nothing beats the original Pac-Man.

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    well for the new games, my fav is grand theft auto II, vice city and the new San andreas. great games. i can play them all day long. the boards are so big and theres so many different missions and things you can do. very unlimited games.

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    Dracula Unleashed for the Sega cd. It reminded me of those choose your own adventure books. Plus it used real actors. No animation to it at all.

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    for new games (I have.....well, MY SON has gamecube I'll go with metroid prime and star wars: rogue squadron 2.

    ALL TIME though, gotta go with the original nintendo 8-bit system. I don't have ONE game thats my favorite, so I'll take any one of the following games any day:

    metal gear
    zelda 2
    castlevania 2
    megaman 2
    double dribble
    super mario 1
    super mario 2
    super mario 3
    ikari warriors
    life force
    bionic commando
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    anything of Rogue Squadron
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    Tossup between Phantasy Star for the SMS and Xenogears for the PS.

    Ever notice how the RPG's are the only ones that hold/gain in value as they get older?

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    Wow. . .there's so many from different eras and categories.

    Hard to choose.

    RPG: Final Fantasy IV

    Fighting: Samurai Showdown for the Neo Geo. I was famous then. The champion of downtown. Beat every skater and gamer from Riverfront park to the freeway overpass.

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    Well, the only game systems I have are the Nintendo 64, PC, and Game Gear.

    For Nintendo 64, it would have to be Perfect Dark, the next best thing that outperformed Goldeneye as the best shooting game.

    For the PC, it's a tie between Warcraft II(I know i'm old school, and I would have said Doom if I still had it) and Freedom Force(one of the best roleplaying games where you can create your own superheroes).

    For Game Gear, it's VR troopers.
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