Favorite Wave 5 Two Pack


Poll: Favorite Wave 5 Two Pack?

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    Question Favorite Wave 5 Two Pack

    Which is your favorite of the "Army Builder Wave"?

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    That's kinda hard to say...it's a tie between the Viper/Tele-Viper pack and the two BATs pack, but I voted for the BATs because I like them slightly more, and I don't know why...lol
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    yeah same with me tie between the viper/tele-viper and the Bat 2 pack, I plan to buy a couple of these.

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    This was a tough one for me. I went with the Viper/Tele-Viper pack tho.

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    I voted Bat pack,but it was a tough choice,Viper/Tele-Viper was a close second.I'm gonna go broke buying those two packs.

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    I love the viper/televiper 2 pack, second would be the bats for me. The thing is we have gotten so many versions of these bats already that they don't really stick out that much. This wave is a pretty cool repaint wave though.

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    I've been waiting for the viper/televiper pack since I first saw the pics of it. I really love the new viper mold.
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    Thumbs up

    BAT pack! Great amount of weapons and excellent paint jobs for both figures!

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    I agree wholeheartedly. that's the best paint job those robots have gotten.


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