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    Issue #36

    This looks like its gooding to be a good comic! Though I can't believe that DD is using that crappy Alleyviper design, those things look like aquanauts. After reading the trailor summary I have a couple questions on account of I'm only up to #20:
    -It says Destro is running Cobra, what happened to CC?
    -Who cribbled Hawk and who is running the team now?

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    The Baroness and Destro betrayed C.C. and shot him in a fight with G.I.Joe and left him for dead. He is now a G.I.Joe prisoner. Just moments before being shot by the Baroness, C.C. shot Hawk.

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    FRICKING SWEET! That's really creepy, especially since I used to live in Seattle and went to Safeco field all the time!
    ....apparently I can't customize for my wants anymore.

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    Yeah Darko, the artwork of the building & surroundings is dead-on.


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    I should start by saying that I started reading the Marvel run around issue 95 or so through about 120, then it was kind of hit and miss based on what I could find. Before that I watched the cartoon at every opportunity. so far I have read and own all 36 issues of the Devil's Due run and Master and Apprentice 1-4. So I have a few questions.

    1.) Is the war between G.I.Joe and Cobra generally a secret? I mainly watched the cartoon and it would be pretty hard to keep it secret with Cobra commander popping up on TVs all over the world with ransom demands and warning of impending doom. Yet, in the more recent issues of the DD series, people act suprised to hear of the name Cobra.

    2.) Isn't Destro acting a little out of character? He always struck me as a smart guy and good strategist, yet he may as well paint a giant bullseye on himself and Cobra island. If the war is pretty much a secret, telling everyone about it will probably make the powers that be pretty happy to destroy Cobra.

    3.) Why are the genrals known as the Jugglers? And why do they seem to hate the Joes? Also, does it seem like they have an interest in keeping the war going?

    4.) This one I am just curious on everyone's thoughts. What do you think they have planned for Serpentor? I can see a few scenarios.
    A) They make him the new leader of the Joe team to replace Hawk since he is reluctant to act.
    B) They create a false background for him and try to get him elected President.
    C) They inject him with experimental DNA altering compunds and turn him into Venimous Maximous.
    D) The whole plot line gets dropped in a few issues
    Based on Overlord's comments, I see any plans they have ultimately ending badly and possibly leading to Serpentor regaining his identity and trying to seize control of Cobra once again.
    Any other ideas?

    I just had those few questions that I needed to ask and they seemed relevant to this particular issue. Overall I liked the issue and the handling of the series up to this point.
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    I'm only few miles south of Seattle and thought it was great seein it in the comic. I mean who's thinking about us when your in New York.
    Also Cobra became a common national threat and consequently the G.I.joe's weren't so easy to keep top secret. (See one of the earlier devil's due books. Sorry not sure which one. You will see the war being taught in school. Also later on Hawk is on national television speaking of it.)
    Destro is one of my favorite characters and I always thought he was a good leader, but as far as being out of character, well... If you look at his comic run(both devil's due and Marvel) you'll see he's almost always contrasting one of his previously established character points.
    The Jugglers are so called because they Juggle the blame to others.


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