Desert Patrol Squad Gung Ho

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    Desert Patrol Squad Gung Ho

    Sorry the image is blurry. I was at TRU the other day and spotted this, but left it behind believing that I was seeing a variation mirage. I'm constantly on the lookout and I think it plays tricks on my mind.

    My brother went back and grabbed it for me. It will be a little while before I can meet up with him to get it and take a sharp comparison scan. But for now, I think you can tell what I found. Some versions of Gung Ho have a small tattoo that shows the entire thing much like the original use of this mold.

    But this one (which was only in 1 of the 3 TRUs that had the set....and the small tattoo came for me from Amazon) has a large tattoo. The eagle wings really help to show the general placement and size if you can tell in the image. It also doesn't seem to show the entire tattoo.

    I'm eager to get the set and do comparisons on the rest of the figures.

    Even though I had a harder time getting this one, I would think that it very well could be a corrected version and could be the one that will now show up more often. So I'm not even going to guess which one is harder to find if any. But I will be curious to know how many of this one pops up.
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    It is true

    Thanks For the heads up.

    I had the small version already and looked today and found on with the larger one as you said.

    Nice to be ahead on one finally.

    Have fun,
    Fred Blood

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    Don't know which one I got. I have to check.

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    Red face Two things different

    Snake eyes and lifeline are switch I just seen both packs


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