if any one is in the nashville area donelson to be exact the target over there on lebanon road. has the 2 packs for 4.99 ea. i picked up the new python viper tele viper pack and two ninja trooper nightcreeper packs, they had two of the new bats army builder, 5 night force grunt gung ho, 1 desert scarlett and i cant think of his name, and almost all the other ones from the previous wave unfortunatly i didnt get any more cash because i spent my money before hand on two jungle strike humvees at the k-mart in smyrna on sale for 13.69 each. went to target at rivergate mall and hendersonville as well on the way home the figs were regular price there. but the hendersonville one had three stormshadow ninja bikes 6.99 and one jungle strike humvee and the stealth plane new packing with sgt airborne.not really sure on the new names i just started collecting again. i hope this helps someone in the middle tennessee area out.