OFFICIAL Joe anime rumors!!!

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    Exclamation OFFICIAL Joe anime rumors!!!

    In case you haven't already heard (I know many already have). I just read a blurb about it in the Anime magazine put out by Wizard, so I looked into it further. . .

    About the only reliable info is that Hasbro ad Gonzo studios are in on this project.

    Just like to add, I know alot of you are totally against this. But that's why it's so kewl to be me. Because I like Anime, and I'm a Joe fan. I know I'd like it. So maybe we can just say Hasbro did it all for me?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Obiwanjacoby
    So maybe we can just say Hasbro did it all for me?
    All hail the Master of Hasbro!

    Seriously, I'm with you on this. I think it will rock. Not a huge Anime fan, but that's only because most of what I've seen is the watered down for America versions. With a good Joe story and the slick animation that only Anime seems to have nowadays, it could be really good.

    I just hope they continue the upward trend. Valor Vs. Venom was an improvement on Spytroops, so hopefully this one will be even better.

    Richard J.

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    ohio- right next to the air force museum- which totally rules.
    I hope its more like akira than teen titans.
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    It could be really good, or it could be really bad.

    It all depends on what genre of anime they use for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotdog
    I hope its more like akira than teen titans.
    I'm totally with you on that one, I know what you mean. I know it won't be as graphically violent as Akira, but you want it as close as possible for realism's sake.


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    I wouldn';t necessarily say Akira, since it's way too surreal - some of the ones that've just been ported over to CN's Adult Swim might be interesting (Ghost in the SHell?). At least, we'd want their production values.

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    which projects have they worked on in the past? I followed the links but couldn't find anything.

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    I like the style. Simplistic enough to crank out alot of episodes, yet still high quality anime.

    Click on Burst Angel for a stylistical hint of how Scarlett might look when rendered by the studio (see pic next to "commentary").

    Samurai Seven, fourth pic down. . .I see Ferret done anime style, but this is just be cloud-watching. . .and daydreaming

    The overall style I hope they emulate most would be after Yukikaze.

    I see alot of younger heroes in the others they did, but hopefully, the Joes will be aged a bit by the creators when they develop their own character art concepts.


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    Exclamation Quick update!!!

    Oh. . .MAN!!! I was right about Yukikaze!!! I found the link to the main site with video downloads. . .

    In the opening scene, I can VISUALIZE Ace in a Conquest X-30!!!

    In the Yukikaze characters, I see dead-on perfect templates for Scarlett, Mainframe, Flint, Cover-Girl, a "Reloaded" version of Rock & Roll, and last but not least. . .one of the Pilots looks like a dead-on Spirit v.1 (I kid thee not!)!

    Pleasepleasepleeeease Hasbro pattern G.I.Joe after THIS one! This is as good as it gets! Please don't make it a Pokemon/Medabots clone!!!!

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    I love anime-style (though I prefer ol' school and am less impressed by the combination computer-animation and ol' school that proliferates currently) so I would love to see GIJOE done anime-style.

    In a sense, the animation in the Sunbow series was based on anime. You can see the influences most in GIJOE The Movie, but also in some of the other episodes, like the one with Cobra Commander's "fun house" in the ancient temple.


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