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    3idmp's Want List

    Here is my want list. I would like to trade mostly, but I can buy if the price right. Thanks for any help. My haves list isn't updated and I have alot of vehicle parts let me know what your looking for.


    Breaker - complete
    Grand Slam- complete
    Hawk- complete
    Steeler- complete
    Grunt- complete
    Cobra Commander – crotch
    Rock n Roll – figure
    Snake Eyes – figure

    Airborne - complete
    Destro - complete
    Doc - complete
    Torpedo - complete
    Tripwire - complete
    Grand Slam - silver pads complete
    Grunt - tan one complete
    Viper Pilot – figure


    Duke – crotch
    Baroness - complete
    Storm Shadow – short sword
    Thunder – helmet
    Zartan – L leg guard


    Listen n' Fun Tripwire - complete
    Keel Haul - complete
    Sgt. Slaughter - complete (the one with USA on jersey)
    Buzzer – axe
    Alpine – handle


    AVAC – figure, parachute
    BAT – claw, gun
    Dr. Mindbender – pistol
    Lowlight – right arm, bipod
    Viper - gun
    Fridge – football club
    Claymore - Brazil complete
    Dial Tone - Brazil complete
    Leatherneck - Brazil complete
    Mainframe - Brazil complete
    Wet Suit - Brazil complete


    Falcon – knife,http://www.yojoe.com/access/d87/29.shtml antenna,
    Royal Guard – antenna
    Tunnel Rat – flashlights
    Big Boa - complete
    Crazylegs - complete
    Crystal Ball - complete
    Fast Draw - complete
    Gung Ho - dress blues Complete
    Outback - complete
    Pysche Out - complete
    Raptor - complete
    Sneak Peak - complete
    Techno Viper - complete
    Backstop - complete
    Hardtop - complete
    Payload - complete
    Rumbler - complete
    Steam Roller - complete
    WORMS - complete
    Starduster - complete
    Steel Brigade - complete
    Avalanche - complete
    Blaster - complete
    Blocker - complete
    Dodger - complete
    Knockdown - complete
    Maverick - complete


    AstroViper - complete
    Blizzard - complete
    Budo - complete
    Charbroil - complete
    Hardball - complete
    Hit n Run - complete
    HydroViper - complete
    Iron Grenadiers - complete
    Lightfoot - complete
    Muskrat - complete
    Repeater - complete
    Shockwave - complete
    Spearhead and Max - complete
    ToxoViper - complete
    Voltar - complete
    Armadillo - complete
    Ferret - complete
    Nullifier - complete
    SectoViper - complete
    Sgt. Slaughter - complete
    Skidmark - complete
    StarViper - complete
    Wild Card - complete
    Windmill - complete
    Super Trooper - complete
    TF Bazooka - complete
    TF Duke - complete
    TF Dusty - complete
    TF Flint - complete
    TF Lifeline - complete
    TF Roadblock - complete
    TF Tripwire - complete
    TF Recondo - complete
    TF Frostbite - complete
    TF Skystriker - complete
    NF Crazylegs - complete
    NF Falcon - complete
    NF OutBack - complete
    NF PscyheOut - complete
    NF Sneak Peak - complete
    NF Tunnel Rat - complete
    Ferret – figure


    Annihilator - complete
    Backblast - complete
    Countdown - complete
    DeeJay - complete
    Deep Six - complete
    Downtown - complete
    FragViper - complete
    HEAT Viper - complete
    Recoil - complete
    Rock n Roll - shotgun
    Scoop - complete
    Snake Eyes - complete
    Stalker - complete
    TARGAT - complete
    Python Copperhead - complete
    Python Crimson Guard - complete
    Python Officer - complete
    Python TeleViper - complete
    Python Trooper - complete
    Python Viper – figure, gun, backpack
    Gnawgahyde – bipod, machete, knife
    Night Viper – right arm
    TrackViper – gun http://www.yojoe.com/access/d89/99.shtml
    SM Barbecue - complete
    SM Footloose - complete
    SM Spirit - complete
    SM LowLight - complete
    SM Mutt - complete
    SM Sgt. Slaughter - complete
    AeroViper - complete
    Darklon - complete
    Dogfight - complete
    Hot Seat - complete
    Payload - complete
    Wild Boar - complete
    Windchill - complete
    NF Charbroil - complete
    NF Lightfoot - complete
    NF Muskrat - complete
    NF Repeater - complete
    NF Shockwave - complete
    NF Spearhead and Max - complete

    Undertow – mask

    Shipwreck – rifle http://www.yojoe.com/access/d90/22.shtml



    FANG – roll cage,
    Skystriker – parachute


    Vamp II - passenger side gas can
    Rattler – spot light


    Ferret – front small gun
    Mauler – antenna, Meteorological Antenna, tow cable
    Hydrofoil – Search Light Lens, Left Windshield(on the side of the steering wheel), Left Side Cannon, Right Side Cannon

    Check Point Alpha – speed bump, ladder


    Night Raven – rear gun cover
    Stun – flag
    Firebat – bomb, bomb, gun
    Thunder Machine – antenna


    Phantom X-19 – complete
    Rolling Thunder – complete
    DEMON – complete


    Thunder Clap – complete
    Python Patrol ASP – complete
    Python Patrol Stun – flag, flag

    2005 and 2006

    Any DTC stuff MOC or MIB

    25th Snake Eyes Black Timber MOC
    25th Reposed Gijoe and Cobra Box Set (the sets with all the figure stands under each figure) MIB

    NON Joe

    Marvel Legends Capt. America (any one just full uniform not "unmasked" and must have the round shield) complete with stand (can be loose)

    Voltron Blue Key clip
    Voltron Blue computer for Castle of Lions playset


    Powermaster Optimus Prime Minicon Hi-Q, and 2 black guns.

    G1 Jetfire complete

    Fire Convoy Optimus Prime trailer parts and weapons.

    Unicron minicon.

    These are all the series of Transformers that came out before the Movie line. They had the "FLIP" tab on all the packaging. All can be loose, just looking for complete.

    Deluxe Classic Megatron
    Deluxe Classic Cliffjumper
    Deluxe Classic Mirage
    Deluxe Classic Ramjet
    Deluse Classic Ultra Magnus us. Skywarp
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    Hello Chris...
    I Think I Have This Loose Figures:
    Avac Pilot
    Ferret Figure.
    Alley Viper With Face Shield

    Let's Deal Friend!!
    Jose Isaiah Pe๑a

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    I sent you a pm LMK. Thanks-Eric

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    Back to the Top!!!!!!!!!!

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    Have a lot off your list, what do you have for trade. I would rather sell, but send me a list.
    Selling, buying, and trading GI Joes since 1990. Well buying since 1984 . . .

    Site is under construction, but please check my inventory at:

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    On its way to the top!!! Seller I promise I will get you an updated list. I do have a Thunder Machine and Hiss II and Battlefield Robot (I think that is the name) box. I can provide picks of all. The TM and Hiss II have filecards and flag points cut out and some tears. I don't know if you are interested in that. If you have a want list, please send it to me. Thanks, Chris

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    what i have

    Quote Originally Posted by 3idmp
    Here is my want list. I would like to trade mostly, but I can buy if the price is cheap. Thanks for any help.

    FIGURES 1982

    Cobra Commander – crotch
    Cobra Soldier – right arm
    Rock n Roll – helmet, bipod
    Snake Eyes – figure, gun
    Stalker – figure


    Viper Pilot – figure
    Doc – Stretcher
    Duke – Binos, crotch


    Buzzer – axe
    Storm Shadow – short sword, bow, nunchuks
    Thunder – helmet
    Zartan – gun, L leg guard, R leg guard, crotch


    Alpine – gun, rope, handle
    Eel – gun
    Footloose – missile launcher
    Frostbite – gun
    Heavy Metal – mic
    Lady Jaye – camera


    AVAC – figure, parachute
    BAT – claw, gun
    Dr. Mindbender – pistol
    Iceberg – ski, ski backpack(the accessories for Snow Job)
    Lift Ticker – mic
    Lowlight – right arm, bipod
    Motorviper – figure
    Python Viper – figure, gun, backpack
    SciFi – backpack, gun, hose
    Shipwreck – figure, pistol, knife, M4, rifle, flippers, mask,
    Viper - gun
    Wetsuit – L flipper, R flipper
    Zaranna – gun


    Croc Master – leash, hose, croc
    Falcon – figure, backpack, knife, antenna, gun
    GyroViper – helmet
    Jinx – figure, naginata, sword, sword, backpack
    Law – helmet, leash, gun, night stick
    Royal Guard – antenna
    Tunnel Rat – flashlights
    Zanzibar – spear


    Ferret – figure
    Ghost Rider – figure
    StormShadow – claw, sword


    AlleyViper – figure, face shield
    Gnawgahyde – gun, bipod, machete knife, bow, backpack, hat, boar
    Night Viper – right arm
    Long Range – gun
    Stalker – knife
    TrackViper – gun


    Night Creeper – crossbow, sword, spike sword, backpack
    Undertow – mask, harpoon, sled, missile, L flipper, R flipper, hose, barracuda


    BAT (BAT 6-pack) – red figure, hand, flamethrower
    StormShadow – sickle


    Sgt Stalker – figure, 2 flare guns


    Fridge – football club
    Scapel – mask
    Heavy Water – figure
    SandViper – figure



    MOBAT – complete
    VAMP – steering wheel


    GIJoe Headquarters – gun that clips to wall, search light that clips to wall
    FANG – roll cage
    Skystriker – parachute, parachute
    Wolverine – tow cable


    Rattler – spot light, spot light
    SkyHawk – landing legs
    Slugger – vehicle
    Watch Tower x5 – complete


    Ferret – missile, gun front
    Mauler – antenna, antenna, smoke launcher, smoke launcher, tow cable
    Hydrofoil – main body shell only
    Mirage – complete
    Snow Cat – steering wheel
    Tactical Battle Platform – 3 rack guns
    Flight Pod – gun
    Night Landing – boat only
    USS Flag – complete
    Check Point Alpha – complete
    Check Point Alpha – complete
    Cobra Bunker x4- complete


    Night Raven – large missile, small missile, small missile, gun cover, drone gun L, drone gun R, missile

    Stun – flag, flag
    Terror Drome – large gun cap, sticker sheet
    Firebat – bomb, bomb, gun
    Thunder Machine – antenna


    Mamba –med missile x4, stickers


    Phantom X-19 – complete
    Rolling Thunder – complete
    DEMON – complete
    Despoiler – round piece that holds gun, missile


    Hiss II – seat clips x6
    Thunder Clap – complete
    Python Patrol ASP – complete
    Python Patrol Stun – flag, flag
    vamp steering wheel,despoiler missiles,mamba missiles,night raven missiles,ferret front gun,mirage complete,hq gun that clips to wall{ do you need the large front one or the .50 cals?}gnagahydes accys{except gun and bipod},jinx ningata, do you have a gi joe trade list?

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    Back to the top!

    And to everyone that has asked me for a Trade List, I FINALLY got it posted!
    Just click the link


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    Back to the top! Someone help me out, Just look at my Trade list, I usually trade in your favor.

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