Favorite animated battle?


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    Favorite animated battle?

    Epic or individual battle, doesn't matter...

    Mine would be the opening sequence of "The Revenge of COBRA." I love how the attack is orchestrated and it actually makes COBRA appear like a competent and dangerous adversary. I also love the use of the COBRA and Joe vehicles in this sequence.

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    Dude...GI Joe the movie opening credits, hands down.

    About the only good thing about that flick.

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    ohio- right next to the air force museum- which totally rules.
    there were several I liked. I liked the island of no return, because it had spirit and stormshadow as well as firefly. all favorites of mine as a kid. I also liked the ARAH final battle when gi joe stormed the cobra fortress.
    I also liked the aerial duel between slip stream and raven in "in the presence of my enemy" - it always reminded me of "top gun" when I was a kid.
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    I think the best one that I can remember is the battle when Cobra's helecarrier took out the Flagg.

    Got to hand it to the cobra pilots at the helm.. they knew she was going down... and aimed it right for the Flagg.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reptilian Popinjay
    Epic or individual battle, doesn't matter...

    Mine would be the opening sequence of "The Revenge of COBRA."
    Same "mini-series" but the 4th episode: "Battle on the Roof of the World"
    The "hockey game" for the laser core was cool. A memorable sequence not only in the GI Joe cartoons, but all of cartoon history
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    I gotta say opening credits of the movie. It's got everything you could want.I've always wanted to see that as a live action!

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    How about the battle where Cobra and GIJoe joined forces against the Gamesmaster. Wind-up airplanes, bathtub battleships and pump-up rockets... what could be better!? Just kidding!

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    Alot of the openning credit ones were great but yeah the movie openner is a big topper.

    I haven't seen Joe in a while so I need to get in gear and get some of the box sets.


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