Just want some input on other people that own this game ( I own for XBOX). Has anyone else had problems with this game? I bought it on 11/8 and had been playing it (after I beat Halo 2 and Bloodrayne 2) quite a bit. Up until a few days ago it was working perfectly fine. Then I noticed a few things started to happen. I'm playing a franchise as the Cowboys. So I going throught my season playing the games. I would play as the 'boys (blue and white colors) and be playing the Packers (yellow and green.) Anyway during the game if the camera angle faced to the sideline on my side it would show a team in white pants and red jerseys. Interesting!

Then the next game I played the game would load, Berman would talk and then the anouncers would do there thing, and then there would be the coin toss. So far so good. Then I would elect to recieve or which end to defend. Then the kickoff or KR plays would appear on the screen. A soon as I would press a button the screen would FREEZE and the sound would get a cracky. And that would be it. I would have to turn off the console and try again.

Now, the first couple of times I would try again and it would go fine. I'd then play the game. But now every single time at the same exact screen it will freeze. I tried it at least 2 dozen times. During different times.

So now I can't play my franchise. Though I tried to play in the quick game menu and the game plays fine.

I've tried several of my other game an have had no other problems. Nothing bad happend until the 2k5 game started freezing and the Cowboys started wearing red.

So am I to assume that the game is to blame or is it the console? I believe its the console. And has anyone else had problems with this game?

Sorry for the long topic and any help would be appreciated.