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    marvel issue 32

    there is a blooper when the dreadnoks are riding to the rolling cobra headquaters and all are on seperate bike then zartan and buzzer i think are on a trike anyone else notice?

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    Yes, I´m looking at number 32, and looks like Ripper I think, and not Buzzer goes in a tribike (mmm I don´t know if this thing with three wheels´ name is tribike hehe) when they enter in the trailer.
    In the page 8, four dreadnoks are ion individual bikes, the they have a flashback, when the flashback ends in page 9, Ripper is at Zartan´s left, in his own bike for the moment, but in the page 10 they appear in the tribike entering the trailer.
    Yep... I´ve never realized that until now hehe...

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    Is it too late to submit it for a no-prize?

    The master race is made of plastic and only 3 3/4 inches tall


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