Hey guys, for those who have missed the news.

There is a new Manga style GI Joe book coming in early 2005 from Devil's Due.

The name of the book will be GI Joe: Arashikage Showdown, and it is going to be written by Josh Blaylock. This book will be part of Devil's Due new Devil's Due Digest (or D3) series.

The GI Joe story (according to the original press release) will be out in either February or March.

On December 14th Josh (in an interview at Newsarama.com) gave us a glimpse as to what GI Joe: Arashikage Showdown will be all about.

JB: I've tried very hard to make this a story for new readers, but one that a 20 year veteran would enjoy. Trying to pull off what they do in the JLA cartoons, you know? Hence the focus on a very small cast - Snake-Eyes, Scarlett and Jinx. It's a very fast paced story, and throws a reader right into the Joe world without bogging them down. I explain that "this is Snake-Eyes, a stone-cold, secret agent working for the government, trained as both a military commando and a ninja assassin. He's a member of a modern day ninja clan, and has received an urgent message from another member of the clan to come to Japan." I do the same with Scarlett and the others.
I encourage you to read the whole interview and the original press release and make sure your local comic shops and books stores order this new line from Devil's Due.