Question about GI Joe Graphic Novels 1-5.

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    Question about GI Joe Graphic Novels 1-5.

    Ok So I was a moron about 6 years ago when my wife and I were in a bind so I sold my entire Joe comic collection issue 1 to 127. Well I decided to start re-buying the comics but money wise it was just a lot easier to get the first 50 issues in Graphic Novel style. I have one question. I got GN 1 last night and noticed the second story of Issue 1 and the files were missing from the GN version. Are these by any chance later re-printed in 2-5 or do I need to get a copy of Issue 1 (which shouldn’t be hard seeing they go for dirt cheep on e-bay) to re read the Special mission at the back end of Issue 1?

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    The story "Hot Potato" is not in any of the TPBs. I would recommend you get you a cheap copy of #1 to get the story. I am not sure why the story is being omitted, but not only in the TPB, but in the comic figure pack with a reprint of #1 the story is also missing.
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    Will do then, Yeah, That story rocked, I picked up a comic 3 pack and was also blown away that they omitted that story.... What can ya do?


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