Hasbro Spain THANK YOU!!


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    Hasbro Spain THANK YOU!!

    I'm doing some research about G.I.joe in other European countries and e-mailed with different Hasbro locations such as Spain, Scandinavia, Netherlands, Germany, Italia etc.
    I asked if they could send me some samples or just plain information. Scandinavia thanked me for my interest but couldn't help me as they focused more on Action Man.
    The Netherlands has helped us several times. Germany said something back in German...and wasn't very helpfulll....but SPAIN!!
    No info unfortunately but Ricardo Miralles told me that gijoe was out of their catalog, but he could send me a sample from 2003.
    I thought he was going to send me paperwork but instead he sent me some figures!
    I recieved a MOC 3-PACK Duke, Storm Shadow and Snake-eyes with the DVD from spytroops!!
    Allthough I do not collect the new figures this is great to recieve! I will keep this one!
    Storm Shadow looks pretty cool. But I'll let the MOC SmileSmileSmile

    Thank you Hasbro Spain for this gift!!! You Rock!!
    Yes, it's me.

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    Here's a pic from what I got.
    If the page doesn't work it means my geocities has to much data traffis. It won't work then. You'll have to check later.
    Yes, it's me.

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    actually im in spain now. they people here are great so it doesnt surprise me they sent you those gifts! viva ESPAÑA!
    looking for Satan´s Left Arm, the figure not the devil.

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    Thumbs up

    Wow, that is a good score. I would like one of those if I am lucky enough to come across one.

    Good score for sure!
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    WANTED carded 1982-88 Joes for my collection

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    Quote Originally Posted by dockingbay97
    Wow, that is a good score. I would like one of those if I am lucky enough to come across one.

    Good score for sure!

    They are on sale by the million over here in Ireland. I can get you one if you really want. They are priced at €10 ($13.50) in the shops.

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    Gijoe isn't that popular anymore in Europe. This guy from our board got a gijoe display for free at a shop called "Blokker".


    So I guess the European items are not going to be printed anymore in millions, they just don't sell. The spanish employee told me that gijoe was allready out of their catalog...sad sad sad.
    Yes, it's me.

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    Did you only became a member to say "hehehe" because you own this display??
    Yes, it's me.

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    I am very happy to have this display in my collection

    Do you wont some pick's for www.gijoe.nl??

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    Sure. I 'll drop you an e-mail with our preferences.
    Yes, it's me.


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